Pew Pew My Very First Hatched A Raised Chicken

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  1. cluckcluckluke
    I am so very happy to share the life of my very first hatched and raised chicken with you!
    His name is "Pew Pew". Don't[​IMG]. My sister kept trying to imitate his voice and one day came out with, Pew Pew so that became his name and has stuck ever since.

    I won't speak to much but will post and explain a BUNCH pictures.... and there will be A LOT!

    Well it all started out on the 28th day of the 10th month 2012. I drove half an hour to pick up 1 dozen fertile White Leghorn eggs. I was so excited as these were my very first hatching eggs and I even go to hatch them under my first broody hen as well[​IMG]. So it was a 1st for everything really!!
    I set my eggs under my broody hen who was a Red Sex-Link called Molly.

    I was so excited to hatch some of my very own chickies! But when the eggs were in incubation we had a massive storm, I think it actually happened 5 days before they were due to hatch. There were heavy rains, lightning and thunder. I was told that thunder and lightning could kill an unhatched chick and also that if lightning hit the ground it could send a pulse through the ground and kill the chicks inside the eggs. Well how many time did lightning hit the ground that night?lol. Well...A LOT!!

    I kept hoping that I could get some chicks. Well on the morning of the expected hatch....I came racing into the nest shed. Only to find one dead chick on the floor[​IMG]. She had fallen out of the nest and couldn't get back in. Later that day I found the horrible broody hen eating another chick[​IMG].
    I was so disappointed, why was the broody mum doing this!?!? The next morning I came down to find, yet another chick all curled up on the floor dead[​IMG] ( I think broody mum was doing this ). Nothing happened the rest of that day. There were still 9 eggs to hatch but I wasn't to sure anything would happen, It had been almost 2 days when I walked down in the morning of the second morning after the first chick had died.
    I was just about to walk into the nest shed, cheap cheap. I stood still making no noise, I thought it was just one of the native birds but then, cheap, cheap cheap. I ran into the nest shed, I was so excited!!! and there he was, my very first fully fluffed up little chick.[​IMG]!!!!

    I was so HAPPY!!

    Here is Pew Pew getting his first glimpse of the world!
    What is he looking
    Finding his mum.
    En captured by the world.

    He was so keen on getting out for a run and a scratch about, also mum wanted a nice big dust bath after her very long incubation.
    Getting comfy!
    Piggy backs.

    More pictures you ask? O.K then!.lol.
    Having a good scrub up!
    Pew Pew wondering what mum is up to.
    After this picture of Pew Pew, we were going to call him Coconut but as I said before that changed[​IMG].
    These pictures are of him at about 5 days ago.

    Pew Pew was the only chick from 12 eggs to successfully hatch and be accepted by his mother. I was still very new to all this so just thought that those other chicks must have been ill and mum knew. But I now know, she was just a terrible broody. Non the less Pew Pew loved her and followed her around EVERYWHERE.

    I set up a little area away from the rest of the flock once Pew Pew was ready to go outside.
    But there was always someone who managed to get in.
    Pew Pew getting to cover under mum asap.

    Between 1 week old and 4 weeks old I didn't manage to get any pictures and not a lot happened.

    Molly ( Pew Pew's mum ) kept leaving Pew Pew behind and wasn't taking a lot of interest in him.
    At the age of 3 weeks old, Molly had no interest left in him. He had to find his own food and I was sure that at night Molly would make the extra effort to get a way from him in the roost. It was sad because Pew Pew loved his mum so much but he was getting rejected all the time.
    For the next 2 weeks I became good friends with Pew Pew, I fed him in my hands, so the others couldn't take his food. I lifted him onto his favorite spot in the coop every night and defended him from the pecks of the pecking order when things got to much.

    This is Pew Pew at 4 weeks old looking I think his Don't tell him this!

    This was a really cold and rainy day so he was all huddled up in the nesting shed.

    Pew Pew grew and grew. His comb was already visible at the age of 1 week and I was getting worried I had a rooster on my hands and I had just gotten rid of a rooster because of complaints from the neighbors.
    So it was time for a sex ID thread.
    Here are the pictures I showed BYC and the wonderful members said HE was a SHE.
    I was trilled to know my Pew Pew was a girl!

    He used to be the only one who could get on this post, clever Pew Pew!

    Pew Pew was going great guns, he was soon accepted and respected into the flock and I think he wasn't even on the bottom of the pecking order, so all was good.

    Here is Pew Pew at 9 weeks old. He is so friendly and will just let me pick him up when ever.

    Having a scratch about in the leaf litter. This is the reason I love chickening, just a lovely afternoon in the warm sun, while the flock scratches about for bugs.
    I love this photo, he is posing. Mid the leg in the back
    Close up.

    Nothing stopped Pew Pew, not even the rain.
    The photo didn't come out to well but he was really soaked.

    About 5 weeks after being told that Pew Pew was girl I started to think that he really wasn't, so another sex ID thread was made and it was confirmed Pew Pew was in fact a ROOSTER!
    Here are the ID photo's.
    Those sickle feathers.
    He has the longest legs.
    Looking at it now, it was pretty obvious, even at 9 weeks old he was a
    These pictures are of when he was 14 weeks old.

    As I keep saying, Pew Pew kept on growing. He out grew all of my fully grown hens. At this age he hasn't filled out much but in height he towers over everyone in the flock...except the Runner ducks of course.

    16 weeks old, this is when things started
    At 16 weeks old Pew Pew really showed me his "manliness" coming in!

    I was in the garden siting with the girls, when suddenly I saw Pew Pew. He, well this is what I think he did because he was so bad at
    He attempted to strut over to a fancy Wyandotte pullet ( way out of his league ) he came up to her side and grabbed the back of her head and then he tried ( with great trouble ) to jump on top of her... but he just fell over and ran off, I think in complete embarrassment[​IMG]. I couldn't help but laugh, poor Pew Pew.

    I haven't seen him try that since. But he will get there in good time.

    One morning I was coming down to let the flock out when I heard this almighty raspy squark. I stopped and thought, what the? I continued to walk down to the run and there it was again. A really loud schreech. Almost like.... A CROW!!!
    I ran to the coop as fast a possible and there was Pew Pew standing up proud and tall on the highest roost bar. TRYING so very hard to crow. He still hasn't perfected it quite yet but he is getting there.
    I don't hear him in morning any more since I have been putting him in the darker coop but I do hear him in the day when the flock are free ranging.
    Here are some pictures of Pew Pew at 16 weeks old.
    Posing in the afternoon sun!

    Giving me the stink eye. Wasn't to pleased that I was taking pictures of him while he was preening.
    Some wattle action.
    PEW PEW!!!

    Here....Have some more pictures!
    He looks really small here.
    I should add that he is really uncoordinated at the moment[​IMG]. Every time I pick him up then sort of chuck him back onto the ground he falls over.
    Today I was feeding the chickens and noticed Pew Pew having a stand off with a hen. She pecked at his beak and stepped back over a log and some how ended up on his Then he just flopped to the ground and sat there quite stunned[​IMG]. Again I shouldn't laugh[​IMG].

    Pew Pew seeing to it that the dog stays on his side of the fence.

    Today Pew Pew is 22 Weeks old, he is the largest ( height ) chicken in my flock, he is even bigger than the Runners now.
    He is the best rooster ever and I could never get rid of him.

    He is so friendly and definitely a lap rooster, although he won't jump straight onto your lap ( unless food in involved[​IMG] ) but he will quite happily sit there for hours if you put him on your lap and pat him.

    He isn't scared of our dog or any of my family and isn't aggressive to them either.
    I have enjoyed so much in watching him grow and to know that he came all the way from a little embryo to the now handsome rooster he is now.
    Here is a picture of Pew Pew today at 22 weeks of age.
    Pew Pew The Smoke God.
    He is having a smoke ceremony to celebrate him becoming a fully grown chicken[​IMG]. He still has some physical growth to come though.

    Here are some funny photo's of Pew Pew as and end to this article. I have loved sharing Pew Pew's life with you all. Hope you like it as it took me almost one whole day to complete. I enjoyed every minute of it though. Now all I have to do is teach Pew Pew to read[​IMG].

    Pew Pew not sure if his hormones were telling him, boy? or girl?
    You could always count on Pew Pew to make his way into the feed bin while you were not looking!

    UPDATE: Here is Pew Pew today - 05/31/2013
    I love is whole outfit these days, big sickle feathers and glossy saddle and hackle feathers.

    His wattles are so BIG now!

    ANOTHER UPDATE: Here is Pew Pew at what I think is his Prime, still yet not full maturity though.
    His wattles are almost ridiculously big now.


    Feather display.
    Guarding his flock.

    UPDATE: date - 30/03/14

    I have lost track of his age now ( it is written down somewhere though ) but he must be over a year old by now. Maybe even 1 and half.
    Any way here are some more pictures of him.
    Feed time!

    Shake those wattles.


    Also, Pew Pew has now got 3 prince successors, a princes and a Frizzled Leghorn princess.
    Unfortunately the princes will not be allowed to stay on. They must be moved on.
    Here they are in the foreground.
    Close up of the pullet and the two behind her are the young roosters.
    They have all fortunately taken on Pew Pew 'friendly gene', it's going to be hard to tell the little roosters on, there just so friendly!!!



    The Frizzled Leghorn.

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  1. chickenneighbor
    A stunning rooster! And he looks huge! Love the baby pictures, too. Any Pew Pew Juniors in the coop?
  2. chickenboy100
    Wow, I love him!!! GO LEGHORNS!!!!!!!!!
  3. lilypad
    Awwww such a wonderful article! I just love Pew Pew! He is the most handsome rooster I have ever seen :) x
  4. ShelbyCoral
    That's awesome! I have a rooster, But he doesn't crow right now... :( My mom says he might be gay. He is scared of every hen I have (10 hens) and runs to my arms when a Hen picks on him. His name is Pepper or pep. When will they crow?
  5. vtguania
    Nice looking Leghorn! I have one who is about 5 wks old or so, almost looks like your Pew Pew. Looks like he's the only Leghorn roo I ended up with out of 14 chicks I bought straight run. They are a beautiful looking rooster.
  6. cluckcluckluke
    Thanks everyone for your kind words. Pew Pew has really got into his his set routine of crowing, we almost predict when he is going to crow
    I will update this article this afternoon with a picture of how he looks today.
    Thank you all again!!!
  7. 1fromgermany
    very nice read. he is a pretty roaster
  8. oswald808
    Awesome story, much like the one of my roo...
  9. chicknfun
    LOL, Now you got CPOW...:p
  10. Sandstorm495
    Great story and good job luke!
  11. Nutcase
    Awesome article!
  12. judyki2004
    awwwwwwww I love PewPew!!! I love roosters and this teen one is quite a cuttie! thanks for sharing :)
  13. alindm1
    Cute! And terrific story! My chicken Tawny loves to be a lap chicken. I take her the stores with me sometimes. She loves the people and the people love to see her.
  14. miquwid
    Awesome story Pew Pew is one great rooster who survived a terrible broody. This was just meant to be. Congrats
  15. MarcoPollo
    I had a good laugh reading about his smoke ceremony. That is funny. Where do you guys come up with this stuff? LOL I love reading these stories with POW. Pew Pew sure is tall and handsome!
  16. quiltchick
    Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed reading the story of Pew Pew!
  17. woodsygal
    Awww, this is so fun.
  18. cluckcluckluke
    haha, nice. Hope they all hatch well. When my rooster does crow in his box it sounds like he is miles off, I like it as well.
    Sometimes when you have more than 1 roo, one will be dominant and the others may not even crow at all, only the dominant one.
  19. ashem0
    Oh my! I have eggs incubating for the first time just now... so am likely to end up with a couple of Roos. I'm not sure how my neighbours will react to a rooster at 3am or even 5am! We hear them in the distance, and I like the sound, but my husband keeps saying thank-goodness they're not right next door! Little does he realise they will probably in his own backyard shortly! LOL!
  20. cluckcluckluke
    Thanks every one!!!
    Ash, I have 2 coop, one lets a lot of light in, the other is considerable darker. When he is in the lighter coop you hear him at about 3am but with the darker coop he stays quiet till 5am.
    But one thing that really has worked with him, is a rooster box. I just got a box just big enough for him to turn around in and stand up in. This keep him crowing right up until I let him out at about 6am.
  21. ashem0
    Terrific story! By putting Pew Pew into a darker coop - do you mean he kinda missed dawn, so he wouldn't crow so much?
  22. chickenpooplady
    Wonderful story!
  23. Mr farmer
    GREATE STORY! I love it!
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    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  25. gkleing3
    Awesome story. I'm so glad you can keep Pew Pew. He is a great little (big) rooster!
  26. cluckcluckluke
    Thank you Annibee! Glad you enjoyed it.
  27. Anniebee
    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your story about Pew Pew. He's a beautiful bird.
  28. cluckcluckluke
    :( I didn't get CPOW. Maybe next time.
    Thank you all for your wonderful comments.
  29. cluckcluckluke
    Thanks and yes he really is wonderful.
  30. Chickenfan4life
    Great article! I like the lil' guy; he seems sweet!
  31. chicknfun
    What a GREAT story!!!!
    Pew Pew is a very lucky Roo to have a pop such as you!!!!!
  32. horsecrazychicklovingkid
    Awesome! Hope he lives a long and happy life.
  33. cluckcluckluke
    Oh, that's a great tittle. Should have put
    Thanks everyone.
  34. Bush Chickens
    That was a great story!the tale of pew pew,the rooster!
  35. Redoliveberry
    Lovely story. A little bit sad that only one survived, but he is gorgeous!
  36. cluckcluckluke
    Thanks guys:). ( Colurful you are needed on the Aus thread ).
  37. satay
    Great story of a much loved rooster
  38. Colourful
    Super cute. I hope my chicks end up as adventurous as Pew Pew :)

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