[FONT=georgia,palatino]The kids were asking to have a new pet. They have had a hamster and tons of fish. They have a snake and a dog now. My DH didnt want turtles or frogs. So what else could we get? They came up with chickens! I thought about it and looked into it. Chickens? They sounded pretty easy to care for. I posed to the children, what if you lose interest in this pet? They assured me they would not. I promised them if they did their chickens would be Sunday dinner. LOL! I thought we should be able to get something out of these pets- eggs, so then why not?
We were going to get chicks to start out with but decided to get pullets instead. Especially since the pullets were offered to us for free! We received 4 pullets, cross between RIR, and Barred Rock. They are so adorable! Their names are Ruby, Peaches, Petunia, and Lola. We did not expect to receive them as quickly as we did so we made a make shift pen in our spare garage until DH could complete the coop. After about a day or two, I was hooked!!!

When DH started the chicken coop he wanted me to draw out on paper what I wanted ect. I couldnt make a decision. I didn't want something too small since I knew I would be getting more chickens, but I didnt want to tell him we would have more than 4!
I think he finally figured it out and promised me if I have more that he would add on to what we have. Whew!
I will add pics of the girls soon.