Welcome to
Phoenix Feather Farms

I'm not quite sure as to what I want to put in here as of yet but I will say that we raise quality Bantam and Large Fowl of pure breeds. None of our breeding pens have ever came from a hatchery and never will. We have bought all of our chickens that we breed from breeders that are both on the BYC board and some locals that are not on BYC.
We have a very long list of breeds that we keep and will be offering shipped hatching eggs and in the future shipped chicks.

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Our Breeds/Colors are listed below:

Large Fowl
WC B/B/S Polish
German Appenzeller Spitzhauben

* Our Layers pen Includes *
Black Astrlorp
Black Orpington

Sliver Spangled Hamburg

Buff Sebright
Silver Duckwing OEGB
Easter Egger​

Bantam Cochins
*~* One of my favorite breeds and since we have so many colors of them thought we would add their own section ;) *~*

Buff & Buff Frizzle
Mottled in Black and Blue
Red & Red Frizzled
Golden Laced
Silver Laced
Lavender & Lavender Split (project color)
Mottled Lavender & Lavender Split (project color)
Barred Lavender & Lavender Split (project color)
Mille Fleur (project color)
Calico (project color)
Lavender Calico (project color)
Crele (project color)

All of our breeds are kept in seperate runs and have NO access to another breed.

In addition to our breed standard chickens we also have a flock of layers just for eatting eggs (breeds are mentioned above) as well as a few ducks and turkeys.