Here is a water heater I just made as I didn't think ahead to get one and it's FREEZING here....turns out it works great-keeps it from freezing down to 12 degrees farenheit and if there should be a short/fire it will be very short lived as the whole thing is enclosed in clay. I cut the hole in the side with a dremel and some (four) cut-off wheels, mounted the pipe strap down to the 12" x 12" piece of scrap 3/4" treated plywood. I also took four small pieces and made "feet" to keep the whole thing from sitting directly on the ground. Here's the material list---

10" clay pot---------------------------$6.02
12" clay saucer-----------------------$7.67
8" work light--------------------------$7.65
2 springs 7/16 x 3 1/2--------------$3.48
pack #10 x 1 3/16 screw eye-----$1.18
4pack 100w light bulbs------------$1.18

Total with tax --------------------- $29.08---






let me know what you think...good or bad...just something I came up with on the spur of the moment.....