Hello, ,my name is Laura and I live in the PNW, Gig Harbor WA. it's about 40 min. from Seattle. We have about 3 acres and have talked about chickens ever since we moved here. My husband and I call each other, Mr and Mrs Douglas from GreenAcres. We both grew up in the city, myself California my husband New York. It's been the best move for us. A lot of work keeping up with the land.

My older children who live close by (yup they all moved up here too) wanted chickens but didn't have the space and talked us into this new adventure. So far they have been a hoot. Never in my wildest dreams did I think a chicken would have a personality. but they do.

We have a lot of wild animals around here, the 3 I'm worried about is the bear, coyotes and the raccoons. Our 2 Australian Shepherds keep everything away durring the day but we bring them in at night. The coop we built looks like fort knox, I'm not sure how far one of those rascles will go to get fresh chicken. we are talking of building a wire run that is attached so when we aren't around they can run around outside protected. The days we are working in the yard we thought they could run around freely. Any suggestions are welcome

A little about us. I'm a home health nurse, my husband is in construction the paper side with drawings, plans and rebar. We are in our early 50's. We enjoy RVing, archery, gardening (summer veggies) our kids and granddaughter. Like to go crabbing and just about will do anything. Oh yeah....Quading too.

I welcome any suggestions and friendship