My name is Sydney, I am 16 and already addicted to chickens!
I have been raising chickens for as long as I can remember and love them all to pieces. My current flock consists of: 1 Black Orp roo, 2 barred rock hens, 1 buff orp hen, 1 EE hen, 1 Deleware hen, 2 black orp hens, 1 RIR hen, and 2 guineas. All of my chickens are named after fairytales! My rooster is named Prince Charming and all of his girls are named after Princesses! (Except the guineas, those are the wicked step sisters) ;)
I also raise Guide Dog Puppies for the Blind. I am currently raising my 3rd puppy. If you are a fellow raiser or are interested in raising get in touch! I love talking to people about what a wonderful thing raising these puppies is.