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  1. Mary Of Exeter

    Pidgie got her name because she wasn't hatched out under a mamma hen, or even in an incubator. Nope, she was hatched out under a pair of pigeons! :) Whenever I am done breeding pigeons, they of course do not stop laying. So, instead of just putting fake eggs under them, I put chicken eggs in for them to hatch. Gives them the joy of hatching, but keeps me from getting overrun with pigeons.
    This picture was taken the day after she hatched. She had jumped out of the nest and was already pecking around at the feed on the floor when I found her. Right from the very beginning she saw me as her momma and followed me everywhere! If I got out of her sight, she went to peeping and frantically looking for me. Everywhere I would "peck" with my finger, she'd run over to inspect it. She'd snuggle under my hand like she would have snuggled under a hen. If I tapped the side of my leg, in the same way you might call a dog to you, she'd come running to me as well. The perfect pet chicken! :) She's a mix of multiple production based breeds, so nothing specific to call her.

    Unfortunately she was taken by a predator on December 18th. I didn't want her chicken-ness to be totally taken away from her, so I integrated her into the flock, which free ranges throughout the day. I miss her dearly! RIP Pidgie - 6/26/11 - 12/18/11.

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  1. sport14692
  2. <3 N.C Chicken Chick <3
    I'am sorry for your loss, She was verry cute!

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