So, first there's a blurp about us, humans and animal cousins...

Bippity Boppity... A bit about us...

Me and my DH were high school sweethearts, bit cliche but it works for us.


We have two kiddos, Alex - a couple years old but I LOVE this picture!

and Erin - I told her the camera wasn't on and instead of a happy dance (as I would do) she pouted!

We live in Arlington Texas, situated between Dallas and Fort Worth in North Texas.
Home to the Texas Rangers, Six Flags Over Texas and most recently the 'Dallas' Cowboys.

Other Family: Son has a gerbil, named Riley (he loves the techie guy in National Treasure)
We have a betta by his lonesome in a giant brandy snifter
And then we have The Girls... our three doggies.
Manic Mattie (Matilda, Roald Dahl), Jealous Janie (Janeyre Austen) and Lovey Lilly are very appropro names. Matt is a total spaz, Janie is a lazy butt that gets cranky if only one person is petting her and Lilly is just a sweetie pie...oddly enough it's pretty similar to our household growing up! =P

Mattie is our Pound Puppy, she's 4 years old now and the vet says she's terrier/chihuahua.
Janie and Lily are both Doxies, sisters from two different litters.
Janie was a 'gift' on Mom's Day from my Mom (she had one pup left of the litter and didn't want to leave it untended while they had to go out of town so Tadaa new puppy for us)...the next year she did the same for my sister, but my sister had to move and couldn't keep the pup so Tadaa we inherited Lilly.
Mattie is a great ratter, just grabs and snaps.

Janie and Lily can take on a fully grown possum... bloodbath but boy were they proud of themselves.
Lily is a digging fiend. She'll put her ear to the ground and listen (for what?grubs?) then dig dig dig... then listen....
All three will attack a waterbug (woot! hate those things) Not one of the three seems to give a fig about any of the birds that come around, they've sat basking in the sun while grackels, pigeons, etc have pecked within a foot without a twitch, but the squirrels love to torture them. Mean little buggers will chitter at them and hurl nuts. But they don't even notice them unless the treerats make a point of drawing their attention... mostly they prefer to bark at passing dogs and walkers... goobs.

Here's a pic of the one and only Miss Mattie... what a ham!


And here's one of Lovely Little Lilly at a whopping seven weeks old... oooohhhh...


And the latest additions to the family are our four Golden Comet girls.

Our coop/aviary is a lesson in geometry, so I figured for their names why not a lesson in history/theology?
An Easter Epiphany led to naming them after fertility goddesses of ages past... say hello to Isis, Ceres, Easter and Frigga!

Random Theology Tidbits Of Interest....
Isis of the Egyptian Pantheon, AKA Isi, ỉs.t or ȝs.t. Worshiped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the matron of nature and magic. Also known as the goddess of simplicity, protector of the dead, and goddess of children (from whom all beginnings arose... now I have "Greatest Love of All" stuck in my head) Wife of Osiris, Mother of Horus, Foster Mother of Anubis.
Ceres of the Roman Pantheon, AKA Demeter in Greek Schools. Goddess of the harvest, grains in particular. Our term Cereal is derived from her Roman name, and statues of her can be found atop the the Missouri State Capital, the Vermont State House, and the Chicago Board of Trade Building. Mother of Proserpina/Persephone and thus Mother In Law to Hades himself!
Easter of the Germanic and/or Norse Pantheon, AKA Ēostre, Ostara. Represented by the rabbit (fertility) and the egg (cosmic egg of creation) she is the suspected source of many of our current Easter rites. Originally invoked to celebrate spring, a bountiful planting, fertility in both livestock and humans.
Frigga also of the Norse Pantheon, AKA Frigg, Friggia, Fricka. Mother of Baldr and Höðr, and since she's Odin's Wife, stepmother to Thor, Hermóðr, Heimdall, Tyr, Vidar, Váli, and Skjoldr. Friday comes from the Anglo-Saxon name for her, Frige. She was the goddess associated with married women and was specifically summoned to assist
in childbirth.