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By bobchell · Jan 5, 2013 · Updated Jan 6, 2013 · ·
  1. bobchell
    We just picked up Pink, Ruby and Ginger from my husband's co-worker yesterday. All three of them are Rhode Island Reds and they are less than a year old. My hubby's co-worker said they really love lettuce and they have already given us 2 eggs! One of the eggs we found in the cage before we even got them home, lol! They are hard to tell apart but I have named the one with the fullest comb and waddle and the most vocal, Pink, lol! Thought it was appropriate! It was really cold here last night, down to 5 degrees but we had a 75 watt infrared bulb in our small 4 x 4 coop with lots of chopped straw in it and they seemed pretty happy. I know it was about 10 degrees at the lowest in their coop, not sure if that bulb is strong enough but they are use to a coop with no heat so I just need to get use to the idea of them being out there in the cold and being okay. We are very new to this chicken stuff but we are loving it right now. The cutest thing ever was when our black lab mix, Ebby, was out there watching them (she is in-thralled with them, lol!) one of the chickens came up and pecked at her and Ebby, gently, pecked back. Of course they were protected in the run and we were supervising but it was adorable! We won't leave Ebby alone around them because she is a "bird dog" after all.

    I am sure I will be updating this as we go on. This was just the first evening. I was worried about them not even laying an egg due to the transition but I guess that isn't a problem anymore. Hopefully we all will adjust to each other and be a very happy Chicken family :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My hubby has been working on the coop and the chickens don't seem to mind at all, actually they are very social. I was a little intimidated at first to go in the run since I have never actually been that close to a chicken before. One kept running away but another was right beside me the whole time and even let me pet her :) She probably would of let me pick her up but I wasn't ready for that, lol! Anyway, they seem very happy and are producing eggs and that is what matters. The coop is even more air tight and insulated and never got below 20 degrees last night even though it was down to 10 outside. As long as they are happy and don't have frost bite, I am happy. Here's a pic of my hubby putting the shingles on. He is going to put shingles the whole way down. I am so proud of him for building this coop all from pallets and scratch material we had around. He works at a mass mailing company and pallets are plentyful! Things are going good but the weather will bring snow tomorrow but it will be warmer at least with the snow. I think they are good to go!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  1. arcy liger
    good luck with them
    i just put nail polish on their nails so i can tell who is who
  2. americana-lover
    great article!

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