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By pixiechick · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. pixiechick
    Welcome to Pixiechick's Homepage
    This is my dog, Shasta. She gets a bit jealous of the chickens so I promised to post her picture first.
    Here are some of my chicks soon after they arrived.
    But they don't stay that size long! Here's what I have to put up wth!
    Buffy: sweet baby silkie who sits on my lap and follows me around like a puppy dog, companion to Garth during his illness
    Hobbies: being cute, following Garth

    Garth Brooks: rebelious rocker chicken who won't give me the time of day even though I hand fed him for two weeks during his horrific bout with crookneck
    Hobbies: breakdancing, country music, and running amok

    Dolly Parton: buxom salmon faverolle who runs squawking away when I try to pet her.
    Hobbies: *chest-bumping Daisy
    *working 9 to 5
    *avoiding paparrazi

    Daisy: friendly, petite easter egger with staring problem
    *flying on to things, particularly me
    *unnervingly staring directly into my eyes
    *evading the beak of Delilah

    Delilah: head honcho easter egger
    *bossing everyone around

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  1. user172110
    love your flock

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