Pixie's Page
Welcome to Pixie's Page!!!
Pixie is a Buff Orpington hen who only has one working eye, so she is half blind. Pixie is very smart and she knows how to come, stay and speak, kind of like a smart dog. She is yellow and has perfect conformation except for her blind eye. She is one of my first chickens and her birthday is May 26th, 2009.
Pixie's nickname is Pixiepoo, since when she was still a pullet she would poop on whoever picked her up. I was the only one who would hold her, since she only pooped on me once. She is very dependent on humans, especially me and when Buckbeak or Hermione is mean to her then she comes to me and hides her face under my armpit. Pixie and her "family" the best chickens EVER no matter what you say about your chickens.
Pixie is my favorite chicken out of them all. I have a flock of 6 chickens; Buckbeak, Hermione, Luna, Brent, Rainbow and Pixie. Buckbeak is a Barred Plymouth Rock, Hermione and Luna are Black Sex Links, Brent is a New Hampshire Red (there used to be two of them, Brent and Woody, for our hometown) and Pixie and Rainbow are Buff Orpington. Luna is probably the prettiest of them all, and Pixie the most friendly towards humans.
I am hoping that Pixie could become famous for her brain before she dies, even though it is very unlikely. But you reading this makes me feel like we are on our way to fame!!! Thanks for helping us :) heeheehee.