Pizza Rolls

By okiechick57 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. okiechick57

    1 1-lb. pkg. hamburger
    1 1-lb. pkg. sweet Italian sausage
    1 (11-oz.) pkg. pepperoni- cut into small pieces
    1 level cup olives - pitted and chopped
    2 (12-oz.) jar pizza quick sauce
    1 (24-oz.) pkg. mozzarella cheese-shredded
    1 (14-oz.) pkg. cheddar cheese- shredded
    1 dash salt and pepper to taste
    3 pkgs. egg roll wrappers
    1 egg-beaten
    1 lg. onion - chopped

    Cooking Instructions

    Heat deep fryer or pan of Crisco to 350°. Brown hamburger, Italian sausage, pepperoni , onion and salt and pepper in pan....drain. In very large bowl combine meat with the following ingredients: Cheeses, olives. sauce. Let sit . Put egg in small dish and beat. This is used to seal the wrappers once full.. Mix well, Put about 2 tablespoons (or more ) of mix in center of one wrapper, fold sides over, fold up one
    end ,roll to the other end. Seal with dab of beaten egg.....submerge into oil a few at a time and cook until golden brown. Remove and stand on end to drain on paper towels........

    Note: All ingredient amounts can be adjusted to taste.. These can be frozen and reheated, best reheated in an oven rather than a microwave. I serve these with garlic bread or bread sticks.

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