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By pkforever · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. pkforever
    Hi! My name is Katie. I currently reside in Oregon, and am going to school to become a Vet!!! I figured I'd share some pictures I have taken of my animals and other random things!! So here ya go!!
    This is my very first chicken, Chicky. She was a "I will eat it if you raise it" chicks. But I successfully relocated her before my Dad managed to eat her.
    Here is Lucy my Buff Orp and Dinky my EE who was relocated thanks to being a Roo.
    Here is Mamba my Light Brahma Bantam, also relocated due to being a Roo.
    So we than decided to get Pheasants to raise and eat
    Currently I only have one left, due to them escapeing
    And of course since you can't have just one chicken we got two more, Persilla an EE and Gloria a Golden Laced Wyandotte
    Lucy loved them instantly!!
    Okay and then for my other animals
    Holly the Mini Schnauzer
    Chubs, My brothers cat
    Oreo, My cat
    My two turtles, Franklin and Raphel
    Well I do believe that is for the most part all of my animals... I think... [​IMG]

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