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Playhousechickenss Member Page

By playhousechickens · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Apr 4, 2012 ·
  1. playhousechickens
    Hi! My name's Caira. I'm a new backyard chicken keeper. I have a play house coop which I built for my first flock. It was a smaller flock so I need to extend it for my new girls. I lost my first 4 to dogs and am just now getting back to the chicken game. I now have 4 Gold Sex Links and 2 Americaunas. I can't wait for them to start laying!! I had been free ranging in my fenced backyard but after dogs got in I now have plans to build a larger run.

    Just got my new girls and don't have photos yet, but maybe soon. Here are some of the old flock and coop.
    This is my coop, such as it is. Going to have to make it bigger now that I have more chicks. I plan on extending the existing roost area and building connected, external nesting boxes, so I can get to the eggs easily.
    My son likes this one!
    I put the coop and the veggie garden (unfinished) close, so they can fertilize in the off season and I wont have to worry about cleaning out the old produce.
    This is Lilly. She guards the flock.
    This is Nessie the cat. She keeps away the mice and they hunt bugs together.
    Miss my girls . . .
    The nesting box I just made out of an old Seattle crate
    Made the shelf removable for easy cleaning
    Kind of lopsided lol...it's a really old crate so can't be helped, but I like it! It's rustic. =)

    Probably not going to cut it now that there are six of them. Here's hoping they are all pullets!

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