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Plymouth Rock Barred Rock Black And White

  1. mysticgmekeepr

    Plymouth Rock
    Barred Rock black and white Created by mysticgmekeepr
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    Bruce and the gang of six





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  1. honeyb
    at what age can i tell the sex of barred rock? i have 3 to 4 month old one and was trying to tell, can i?
  2. bantamofopera
    Yes, there are several different colors in the breed (Buff, Barred, and White as far as I know). So they are usually just known by their color (ie: Buff Rock, Barred Rock, White Rock). The White rocks are not to be confused with the White Cornish Rock Cross, which are meat birds. Great birds!! Our 9-year-old Buff Rock still lays an egg every other day, and has made it through 8 COLD Vermont winters with no heat in the coop.
  3. Patsy2757
    Is a Plymouth Rock and a Barred Rock the same breed?

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