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By Amberleighe · May 14, 2013 · Updated May 24, 2013 · ·
  1. Amberleighe
    [​IMG]We are brand new to chicken keeping. So new that we are not even "keeping chickens" yet. Our chicken coop name will be 'Pollaio di Eden' which is Italian for Eden's Chicken Coop. My husband is Italian and we embrace it at every chance! I've been doing so much research lately on chickens that it's all I talk about. I've already chosen the spot for my coop, and will soon start to build it! [​IMG]

    Below is the location we have chosen on our 2.43 acre property. We will place our chickens in the right corner between the trees. I have debated about where to place them as we have lots of other property not fenced in, but I believe I want them inside my fence for added security.


    This is our brooder so far. (I am pretty sure we will need to up grade in a few weeks when they are bigger) We have 5 chicks coming between June 4th & 6th, 1 RIR, 1 Sicilian Buttercup, 2 polish hens, and 1 meal maker (according to research she will most likely be a Red Sex Link). I am so excited!

    We turned an old headboard end cabinet, into a small brooder. We cut the top part off and flipped it on its back. Made some cuts into a door and the side to add hardware cloth.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We still have to install, the knobs to make opening much easier, the light, and dimmer switch (just waiting on all of them to arrive). I am already eyeing an old entertainment center to make into a larger brooder for when they are bigger.


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  1. Amberleighe
    Thanks! I cannot believe how excited I am... about chickens... lol! I never would have guessed I'd want to have chickens. But now I already want more, and my 5 haven't even arrived!
  2. 6 littleHens
    Good spot! Good luck. I think you will love your new friends when you get them. I love mine!

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