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    I'm a mom of three. We live on seven acres just Northeast of Indianapolis, Indiana. We have horses, sheep, dogs, cats and lots of chickens. We have:

    • Ancona (Looking for Single Comb rooster or cockrel)
    • Ameraucana, Black and Blue
    • Black Copper Marans
    • Orpingtons, Black, Blue, Splash, Buff
    • Rhode Island Red, exhibition and production
    • White Leghorns
    • Belgian D'Uccle Mille Fleur
    • Buff Brahma
    • and LavendarCochins, Blue, Black, Splash
    Purple indicates breeds that are available now as chicks or eggs.
    We are pollorum and typhoid free flock testing through our county 4-H extension office. We show in local Indiana shows and 4-H. Email for placings.

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