Hi Everyone-
I am very new to Backyard Chickens. We have had alot of fun building the coop and getting the chickens. They are funny and the kids are having a good time with them. We are looking forward to eggs. Currently we have a Maran and 2 Silkies. I have 3 more coming next week.
Ha...now we are electrified. The second night a racoon got in a killed one of the original 2 (that is why we have 2 Silkies). The coop is sealed and now has an electic fence.
6/9/10: Added 3 more, a leghorn, a red star, and a golden laced wydonette. The Maran is named Pooter and the 2 Silkies are Peaches and Pear. We still have to pick out names for the new 3. New drama is getting all 6 to be together and play nicely.
They are not getting along. The Leghorn is a bully and mean to my Pooter...I think she may need to go.....

7/9/10: Well, a BIG chang in the coop. All 6 are getting along, we do have 2 distinct flocks, but all are friendly. We have the Maran - Pooter, 2 Silkies, Peaches and Pear, the Leghorn - Scratch, the Red Star - Donna, and a Golden Laced Wydonette - Samantha. I am excited that we just started to have eggs, so far Donna is laying - the others need to get going.....

First Eggs Donna, Scratch, Samantha Pear and Peach Pooter The grey we lost on day 2 of owning

Well, surprise...Pear is a rooster.
Peaches is sick...so am I.
Peaches has Wry Neck. We have been treating and she is slowly getting better...
After all winter in the house, Peaches is an outdoor chicken, laying eggs, with her neck better.
The ohter six weathered the winter fine and are enjoying the spring.