Hello! Welcome to my page devoted to my bantam chickies living in lovely California!

Here is the coop! YAY! Oh, and yes, those are skylights

Isis the sizzle gets two pictures because she is our best layer and we don't
have a picture of her first egg.

The bottom pic was taken at ~4 mo old

Phoebe the sizzle & our first egg EVER 01-05-2010

Frigga the frizzle cochin & her first egg she laid after the first one got stuck

First day of three eggs in the nest! Good work ladies! Eggs from left to right: Frigga's, Phoebe's,
& a "giant" one from Isis 03/05/2011
Our newest addition, Artemis. She is a partidge silkie that is the same age as Frigga...
...they hang out at the bottom of the pecking order together