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The other day at my house, I came across a gorgeous pigeon, walked up so I was about 5 foot away, she didn't fly... Hmm, so I thought she must be tame, so I tried to catch her, I nearly had huge success, but missed, so the next day she came back so I was like
Luckily I caught her, the letters on the tag were MRPC which I was completely confused about, I later found out it was Midlands Roller Pigeon Club, hehe, I found her club, I rang them up and told them the number, the next day I got a call saying I believe you have my pigeon, I was like
because I found her owner, later that day, he picked her up and said if she comes again, just keep her, shes yours, so hopefully I will see the lovely pigeon again, she was a birmingham roller.


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