How do!!!!
Since 2008, my wife, four children, and I have inherited my papaw's old homesite (~45 acre abandoned farm) and my wife's papaw's chicken flock. In those four great years, we've had a complete turnover in our flock (one old hen still ruling the yard) and generated a pretty successful little egg business (successful meaning earning enough to pay for feed). My kids know how to kill and dress a rooster, how to incubate eggs, and how to raise chicks to adulthood. All in all, this little experience has been a grand success. Below are a few pics of our original flock, chicken yard, and late additions.

We're located in Maryville, TN, and are awaiting the arrival of 50 4-H chicks from our county extension office. In addition, we're adding Australorps, Delawares, and Columbian Wyndottes this Spring. I'm really looking forward to another great year.

Here's the whole gang together

This is Fabio, he rules the roost

This is little brother, He-Man

These are Estelle (left) & Blanche (right)

Here's the yard as it sits now, ~ 25x50

Here's the coop, just big enough for the current 10

Here's the yard with the outline of the new house in the forefront.

Our first hatched chick: Alpha