[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Easter Sunday - April 4, 2010
Howdy Backyard Chicken Fans~
My name is Potpie. I'm the cute blonde, front and center, surrounded by fifteen of my closest friends. I'll tell you all about them once we get to know each other a bit better. We live in the northwest on a mountain. It's cold up here so we spent the first day with our new people camping out in the dining room. We quickly moved to the sunroom and plan to hangout here for a week or two. We'll probably relocate to the basement before we move to our new coop.

Speaking of coops, it seems they are as unique as the people who build them. We're excited about the big move. I know my people have spent a lot of time reading BackyardChickens.com and they have learned a lot from y'all. Our coop isn't finished yet but we're hearing talk of nesting boxes, a large storage area, removable trays/flooring, automatic watering, insulation, and window boxes. We are excited! However, today we were quite content to be the cutest Easter decorations ever! We entertained our people and they really enjoy us. It's not a tough gig.