We are a small 8 Acre hobby farm in Jasper,Florida.
We also operate a small scale "chicken rescue" In which we re-home unwanted birds for others,
we of course keep many of them, but we try to find homes for most of them.
In an effort to offset some of our feed costs, We have recently gotten into breeding some of our pure breed chickens,
And selling most of the resulting chicks.We will soon be selling hatching eggs as well (If we ever stop hatching them ourselves).
Some of the breeds that we currently have are, American games(standard)
Standard cochins in blue, white, and buff, Cochin bantams, both frizzle, and non-frizzle in many colors,
Golden sebrights, mille fleur D'uccles, Self blue old english game bantams, Ameraucanas,
Red jungle fowl, Silver laced wyandottes, light brahmas, Black australorps, buff orpingtons, speckled sussex, buff laced polish, RIR's and barred rocks.
We have some mixed-breeds through our little rescue program that we've kept here also.
We re-home many of those as well.
Some pics of some of our chickens





Just a few picks of our ever-growing flock.
When we are set up to sell some of the chicks/hatching eggs, we'll let you know.
Thanks for stopping by, and taking a look at our page.