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  1. Poultry Run Farm
    We live in Maine and our Daughter is really hooked...
    Currently she breeds and shows the following:
    Bantams: D'Anvers (mostly Quail, but is just starting with self blues and mottled), Silver Spangled Hamburgs, Silkie (Buff, black, blue and splash), Salmon Faverolles, Dark Cornish. Most of these guys she only has a pair or trio, she's mostly into her Favs, silkies and D'anvers. OOps forgot her pair of Red Pyle modern games.... And her spoiled Birchen Modern Game Pullet....
    Large Fowl: Trio of Cochins (Blue & Black), 4 Silver Spangled Hamburg Hens (looking for a man) and a pair of sultans.
    Waterfowl: Really into her Runner Ducks, mostly whites. A few call ducks and a couple of white cresteds.
    Also pigeons she has 6 of them now :)
    Will try to add pictures as soon as I get this all figured out..

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