Hi I am a Newbie. & I am learning so much from everyone on here, thank you so much

Ok, so I am going to take full advantage of this. lol. I am trying to make a list of everything I am going to need before I bring the chicks home & finish building the coop. I am very interested in learning to use the Deep Litter method, its sounds like something that would be perfect for us. I am also concered about the DE I see alot of people taking about & grit? going to take a trip to the feed store to see if they carry it. I have to go cook dinner, guess what, its chicken. I hope I don't go against eating chicken after I add a few to the family....Oh geez, the dogs....I know they will keep any critter out of the yard, I am going to have work on them to leave the chickens alone. besides being pets (chickens) I am going organic for my health, even composting the poop for better soil & growing more veggies, I have never had much of a green thumb so this should be interesting. I'm sure ya'll are gunna have a good laugh~