Why should you raise coturnix quail?
~Only take about 6-10 weeks to lay eggs!
~Are fun to have around and make cool noises.
~The males dont crow.
~Only need about 1 sq ft of space per bird and can be raised in the house.
~Eggs are delicous and healthier then chicken eggs.
~Many asian markets find quail and there eggs as a delicacy and will pay good money for both.
~Different colors to choose from without sacrificing production.
~Eggs only need 18 days to hatch instead of 21 to the normal chicken.
~Hardy birds which can be raised outside in rabbit hutches.
~Hardly ever go broody so you dont have to be constantly breaking broodiness like in some chicken breeds.
These are just some reasons to raise quail,pm me if you have any questions or ask in the quail section!