Hi, thanks for visiting my page. I reside in California, and have one ducks and five chickens.
We had two of our indian runner ducks, Didi and Dottey, since the summer of 2004, Dottey passed away in September 2010, and Didi passed away in November 2010. Dottey fell into an illness and passed away two days later, and Didi had a growth/tumor or something that eventually brought her to her death. Dolly is a black indian runner we have had her since the summer of 2005. Dolly now free ranges most of the time (she doesn't get along with the chickens) quacking out for her sisters... it is one of the saddest things I have ever seen.
My first chicken I got in the summer of 2006, she is a dominique, and was named Dominique as well. We got two Gold Sex links in the spring of 2008, Doodah and Delilah. Doodah passed away in July 2010, to what I believe was internal egg laying. In April 2010, we added 3 more chickens to the group, Buffy, (a buff orpington, yes she has very original name), Lucy (a blue adylusion, spelling is wrong), and Snookie (a Jersey Giant
The chickens enjoy eating (somethings the ducks like too, if they do there is a star next to it)Food:
- hen scratch that we buy at our local feed store*
- fruit, figs *, bananas
-eggs raw*
-peanut butter (well some of them)
-macaroni and cheese
-worms*, slugs*, snails*
-ice cream (especially in the summer)

:Chicken and Duck Coop
The chickens and ducks during the day have a enclosure that is covered at all sides and at the top after and incident with a hawk (the victim is okay, she survived with a minor scar on her neck). The ducks have a pool to swim in and a hiding place for that hard rain California sometimes gets. The chickens have a redwood tree to scratch and peck at, and a little oak tree to brood in during the day. They also have a nesting box, and shelter from the rain.
At night they have a homemade compound. It is covered all sides with plywoodand then it was painted to match our house, it has a removable pan, a door with a ramp for the ducks, a open up roof, a perch for the chickens, and two very secure locks.