Welcome to the Providence Too Farm. My name is Stacie Laurence and along with my husband Andrew we own a circa 1800 farm house which sits on 15 acres in Mantua, Ohio. The perfect place to have a Hobby Farm. We started several years back with African Pygmy Goats and a few chickens. Soon we expanded our farm animals to include a Llama, 2 Alpacas, 1 sheep and a potbelly pig named Babybean. We took on the animals after the owner could no longer care for them. Soon to follow was our wonderful Nubian Goats, Larry and Lucy. Our daughter Madisyn's 4H projects. Not long after a friend came to us about 5 sheep soon to be displaced, of course we opened our farm to them and this spring welcomed 2 lambs. We added more hens, and received a rooster by mistake in our last order. We are now starting to incubate our very first eggs, have three more Llamas and 2 additional potbelly pigs. We average 26 eggs a day when we can find them!
Quite the adventure for this former southern belle. We have had many adventures from building our first coop to teaching life lessons to our wonderful children who until 6 years ago never knew that leaves really changed in the fall and that eggs came from hens and not the store.