[FONT=times new roman,times]We have 16 chicks. 10 are mine (Rhode Island Red), and each of my kids bought 2 with their own money. One got RIRs, another got golden comet, and another got some kind of sex link pullets (which look just like the RIRs). We're looking forward to the fresh eggs, and in the mean time, the kids are having a blast with them. We're all amazed at how fast they grow! Even my wife, who was not happy about the project at first, is getting interested.

We have a one-acre pasture where we'll free-range our chicks once the weather stays consistently warmer.
[FONT=times new roman,times]In the future, I'd like to try some dark brown egg varieties - Marans, Welsummer, Barnevelder. And maybe some rare breeds, such as Penedesenca or Faverolles. [/FONT]

Update - we have 11 now - five roos ended up in the freezer. The pullets started laying at 4 1/2 months old. We built a 10 ft x 10 ft chicken run for them to move them around the pasture so that they stay out of the garden.