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Pyncheon White

By Casita dorada · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. Casita dorada

    White Created by Casita dorada
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    My older sister´s Pyncheon, Patagonia Argentina





    Description / Information






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  1. Penny Hen
    Well maybe not true for this country but if hers establish different breed guides then it is a true to itself. I mean we all agree that a British Auracana and an American Auracana aren't the same thing despite the name but they are realated. It is possible that Pyncheons were exported there in small numbers and a blue egg laying South American chicken used to widen a narrow gene pool. So they are an Argentinian Pyncheon. They are very nice looking.
  2. Pyncheon guy
    Also...Pyncheons lay white to cream colored eggs and not green/blue. Your birds are still beautiful but not "TRUE" Pyncheons.
  3. Pyncheon guy
    Pyncheons have Single Combs...these birds have another type of comb. I breed white pyncheons and 4 other colors of the breed. Nice birds...in this country they would be DQ'd for wrong comb type.
  4. Pam85099
    Very nice
  5. NoZolbitty
    beautiful birds

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