From beautiful Kiowa, Colorado, we are the critter loving Reyna family. I'm mom, Jenelle, my husband is Tim, and our daughters Annabella Rose-10 years old, and Gabriella Raven-4 years old.
We absolutely love our chickens, and I believe I am becoming addicted to them. We purchased our first flock in March of 2008, with no idea how to raise chicks, but we figured it out, and learn a little everyday. We added four hens in January 2009, and then I gave into the deadly temptation of buying five chicks a few weeks ago, then just had to get the fancy breeds when they came in a few days ago - it's a sickness for sure!
So now, we have:
Lemon Drop - Polish Rooster - he is the king around here
Henna ,our Americana
Pashmina the weak-legged Barred Rock

*Those three were of the original 8, and all that are left from them
Two Buff Brahmas - Marylin and Jackie-O
Scarlet is a Rhode Island Red (I think)
Our Newest Additions - The Baby Chix:
Dafne-California White; Oreo - Silver Laced Wyndott; Starina - Black Star; Stella - Black Australorp; Peanut - Americauna
The Newest, Newest Additions:
Buffy and Cream Puff - Buff Orpingtons, Pom Pom - White Crested Polish, Cruella DeVille - Mottled Polish, and the tiniest little chick ever - Pumpkin - a light Brahama (bantam maybe?)
Thank the heavens for our chickens who give us so much simple happiness in this world we live in!!!
RIP: Brown Sugar, Frizzle, Goldie, Baby Blue