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Why does my pullet that just started laying lay such small eggs?
Probably because she has just started laying and she is “practicing” . Those eggs are sometimes called “wind eggs” or “fairy eggs”.

How do I know when my pullet will begin to lay?
A good way to tell is to put your hand over your chickens back and see if she does what is called “the egg squat”. She will sort of crouch down and maybe spread her wings a little. If she does it she should start laying in about a week.

How long do hens usually lay eggs?
They will probably slow down around the age a 3 or 4. Most hens almost completely stop at around 6 years, but some….er…I guess you could say “love to lay eggs!”, and they keep going. But not as many a week as they used to lay.

Do different breeds lay more eggs a year than others?
Yes. Just type in to google search something like “which breeds of chickens lay lots of eggs?”.

Do chickens lay different color eggs?
Yes, they do. Different breeds lay different colors and shades.

Why do people keep chickens?
For their eggs, meat, and sometimes pets!

Are all roosters mean?
No. Some are very sweet and friendly. They all have different personalities. Some roosters seem mean but they are only protecting their hens from “danger”. (You.)

Are there different breeds for different purposes?
Yes. Some breeds like the ‘Cornish x’ are raised strictly for meat. Some breeds like ‘Leg Horns’ lay lots of nice eggs. Some are called “duel purpose birds” like ‘Buff Orpington’s’ and ‘Plymouth Rocks’.

What’s the point of having some hens in my backyard?
Lots of people keep chickens just for the fun of it. Others want them for their eggs or meat.

What’s a comb and wattle?
A comb and wattle are the red tissues on your chickens head and under their chin. There are many different kinds of combs such has the single, and pea, the rose, and others.

What is free ranging?
Free ranging is letting your chickens roam free through your yard and/or whole property.

What do chickens like to eat?
They will eat their layer pellets/flock raiser/other stuff that you give them, plus they will eat grass, bugs, and scraps of meat. They will love to forage if you free range.

Do chickens like to be held and petted?
Yes and no…. some do, and some don’t. I have a hen named Kiwi who loves to cuddle. I also have a hen named Dazzle who would rather not be touched.

Is my chicken a rooster? + Is my chick a boy or girl?
Lots of beginners think that a chick can be sexed at day one, which very few can (not including vent-sexing). Barred Plymouth Rocks, Sex-links, and few ofter can by sexed by down color. Here is a article to help with this problem: Click on me.

What should I be feeding my chickens? Chicks should be fed crumbles and adults should be fed pellets. Laying hens and pullets must be fed Layer Feed or All Flock Feed/oyster shells because they need extra calcium to lay eggs. Roosters and not-yet-laying hens should be fed All Flock Feed because if they are not laying extra calcium won’t get along with them.

Do roosters lay eggs?
No. Only hens do.

Do I need a rooster to make my hens lay eggs?
No. But you do need a rooster to have your eggs hatch into baby chickens. (Chicks)

How long does it take for chicken eggs to hatch?
About 21 days.
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