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By MRMiniFarm · Sep 3, 2012 · Updated Sep 4, 2012 · ·
  1. MRMiniFarm
    R&R Chickens is a father & son project started by me(Kenneth Robinson) and my oldest son(Dillan Robinson). We are starting actually for his FFA/SAE project. I ordered him 30 pullets and 3 roosters from Ideal Hatchery Fri. Aug. 31.They are supposed to be here on Fri. Sept.14. We are also getting some other chickens from a guy in the next town over. So any advise or suggestions well be greatly appreciated.
    We had to cancel our order from Ideal, but got some more locally. We have them in 2 different sheds & pens.

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  1. Tammy N
    keep both groups seperated . animals of anykind should always be Quarenteened from the rest and this will be easy since you have them from 2 dfferent locations . Most of all have fun and Good luck.

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