This is an account shared by a mom and a daughter!
We have three chickens. Inara, Kaylee and Pepper.
Inara and Pepper are Americanas and Kaylee is a Golden Sex-Link.
We built their coop out of an old cabinet from a rebuilding center and putting a roost and a nest box in it.
We hired a professional to build the run because we couldn't get out there to do it. It looks MUCH better then it would have if we had done it!

We also have two dogs and four cats and a bin of worms.

To close it all off here is a photo album of our chickens when we first got them..... the darkest one is Pepper, the lightest one is Kaylee and the light one with dark spots is Inara.

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Our chicks are now chickens, and they LOVE to scratch around in our backyard. Occasionally they get out of the yard and strut up the alley, the three little hens.