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I am Dee. Aloha all, from the island of Maui. I have a handful of Pure Breeds. A lot of Feral A.G.F. Hens that came around and never left. Plus store bought (Non-Standards), hatched, rescued, & feral birds over the years. But, yes, I have Crosses Galour!!!! I live in an area where there are a handful of birds that are majority AGF. My neighbors all had these birds. I had them too when I was younger after my first chicken Henny. But I had someone come in and steal all the Roos I had. Those roos I had were not aggressive either. So I just wanted hens and non-game roos. I started in the 5th grade, up until now. I hope you enjoy the birds I have produced/aquired. Enjoy!!!
~The Kids: Cluck'n Type~

Grandma (Blk Cochin Banty)-->Daughters: Pluma & Grunda (Cochin Banty/AGF cross)--> Granda’s Daughters: Rosie & Rosetta (Pluma's Daughters just add Golden Spangled Roscomb to the cross above.) Update Rosie is to lay 3/16/2009
Grandma was given to me by a neighbor across the way and was also bubbed. She barely laid eggs so I tried my best breed her but I had no male at the time. The male I had her with was not good so i culled him. Until Left Eye came along!! Grandma would crouch through the coop when he would come near. That was the boy. Pluma is the fatty of the two and Grunda is smaller of the two. These two ladies were on a nest together and hatched out the chicks but Pluma kicked out Grunda, so I desided to let Grunda be the foster. Now Pluma doesn't really get broody.
Left Eye (American Game Fowl) He was a feral running around my coops when I had no male for a long time. He was a good father and would help with the parenting. He was Plumas’ & Grundas’ Daddy. He died a long while back.

R.C. (Golden Spangled Rosecomb) is the father of Rosie & Rosetta. He has no other offspring, yet that is. I found him mucking around my Grandmother’s House after Tiny was replaced with a Feral Game Bird. We think R.C. was from neighbors down the road of Gram's House, we think.
Easter (EE)--> Daughters: Bluastra(+Blindy mix) & Eastarea(+B.J.Mix)--&--Sons: Blindy(+Red Cochin Banty), B.J.(+Blindy mix), B.J.-Mini(+ B.J. mix) This was a backcross of the males to the mother mix. The Roos look the same except comb appearance and size on the last male. The gals are the same pattern but there is a difference if you look at their faces and slight color difference in the feather coloring. I may want to do brother/sister cross to see what will appear due to Easter being too old to lay. Easter was bought from the Feed Store a long while back and she had a sister that died. I test bred her in this ccross to see if she was Homozygous for her comb. well she is hetero cause she had throw-backs that were not what I wanted, comb wise atleast.
Beating Blood (Red Cochin Banty). He was a rescue from the Animal Shelter aswell. Infact he was here before Tiny came into the picture. He was the first I brought home. But he was a fighter. He would attack my legs for no reason so he had to go. But his kids above are beautiful!!!
Easter's other kids--> Daughter: Eastrah (+Black Sex-Linked)--&--Son: T.J. (+Black Sex-Linked cross.) This was a unique Russian roulette cause they both look Sex-linked. However one got the beard and one got the Pea comb.
Tiny (Black Sex-linked). He was a rescue and a HUGE one at that!! I got him from the Animal Shelter and gave him to my Grandma cause she needed a Roo to go with the hens. He was at my Grandmother’s House for a while with her flock. But she let him roam later cause he was mean to the hens. Granted they were literally ½ the size of him. God….there is a story about how he came to my flock finally.

~Feed Store bought~
Nori (Ameracuna)-Sushi's little sister and lowest on the pecking order. I carry Non-Standard version of the Ameracuna breed.
Sushi (Ameracuna)--> Daughters: Shiala, Shianna (Ameracuna) & Half Sister: Queenie (Ameracuna/Blk Sex-Linked)--&--Sons: Black Beard, Grey Beard (Ameracuna)

Sushi is second to the last in pecking order. But she was bred to Rebel and to Tiny. All my Ameracunas are non-standard or because of the cross, the offspring are now considered EE. But I plan on getting standards by out-crossing then back-crossing to parentals. But that way I can attain desired traits.
Witchie (BR)-Bertha's little sister. She is a troublemaker to the flock. She will just peck the lower ranking gals for no good reason. I say she even has that look of “meanie” in her face. She is second ranking after her sister Bertha.
Bertha (BR)--> Daughter: Cocola--&-- Son: Cuckoo (BR/Ameracuna cross)

Bertha and Cocola are the highest hens in their Flocks. Cuckoo was kept for breeding purposes. Their dad is Rebal. I consider Bertha's offspring Olive Eggers (OE) Sexlinked versions.
Toesha (RIR)--> Daughter: Teisha (RIR/Ameracuna cross)
Toesha had other kids but they were attacked due to bad parenting from the foster mother. The foster would run from predators rather than defend the kids. Toesha got her name from her unique feature. Teisha’s Dad is also Rebel.
Rebal (Ameracuna) He was supposed to be a hen when I got the 10, 4 died a while back. But I knew he was different. But I kept him for mating purposes. He was an aggressive one too. He wouldn’t want to be held and was skittish when he was a chick. So when his sons were born I was happy cause then I could continue the legacy. Black Beard, one of his 2 sons, looks like him with a nicer Comb, Beard, and personality too. He don’t attack the hand that feeds him. But he is still skittish like his mother. Grey Beard the younger but bigger of the two. Super skittish but will stay out of the way of Grey beard.
Feralcuna (AGF Banty/Ameracuna Type cross)-->Daughters:Spurrs (+AGF/Ameracuna Type cross), Scrapper (+AGF), Shicunia (+Ameracuna)--&--Son: Mosaic(+Red Cochin Banty) Update Shicunia started laying on 3/13/2009.

Feralcuna had experimental mates and girls are just like their mother, BLACK. She is a miniature feral chook I caught around my cages. But her son was just too interesting to Cull. Hints the name “Mosaic” yet he is not nice to the girls so he is always loveless. His Father is Beating Blood. Spurrs has spurs and has a band on her egg like her mother. Her father was a Cull of a AGF/Ameracuna cross. Scrapper just wants to joust through the fencing. She is a troublemaker hen to all others hens she don’t know. Her father was another Cull AGF that was gold Black color. Shicunia is pretty docile as of right now, but that may change. She is the youngest of her half siblings. Her dad is Black Beard. They all live with their hatch mates I pulled from different nests.
Neuha (AGF)-->Daughters: Cre (+Black Sex-linked), Dela (+Black Sex-Linked), Rebu (+ AGF Crele Type), Lemiona (+Ameracuna)--&--Son:Taiknetu (+Black Sex-Linked)
Okay, Neuha was a feral hen that was running with some pretty gals and either a Crele type roo, Rebu's Dad or what looked like a B.B.Red Roo. While Tiny was running around in his open run location. He got out and well that is where Cre, Dela, & Taiknetu got um developed. Tiny would jump the fence and go exploring. I was wondering why I heard a hen crying from afar. Yup, Tiny was being a Roo and adding in his gene pool at that. So I had to catch the family cause those are my boy's kids too. So I caught these 4 chicks as well as others but they were the only survivors. She did have a huge brood. When you see them now they are beautiful!! Cre is the alpha hen, followed by Dela, then followed by Rebu which is 1/2 the size of the sisters. Taiknetu is just a beautiful boy!!! He definately looks like his dad Tiny. But he does look different too he has patterns galour. Lemiona is like her mother in appearance, a little timid, with her dad's face. Her father is Black Beard. She lives with Shicunia and she is 2nd in command.
Porciline (OEG Banty)-->Daughter: Splash (OEG Banty Splash type)
Porcie was heard then seen when she had her fist brood. I caught her and her 4 chicks and only Splash made it. The others kept on getting out of the cage. I guess feral cats and or mongooses got them. My little, and I mean little, Splash is smaller than her mom. But she is spoiled by me cause she is so tame and will follow me. She gets extra goodies from me. She will have kids later. But she might not brood them cause I want to find a good mate her size.

Blue (OEG Banty)--> Daughters: Silver (+AGF SDW), Lemue (+AGF GDW)--&--Son: Mini Man (+AGF GDW)
Blue was with Porciline, Quail, and another hen (Never caught her yet but someone probably did). They could be sisters or even flock mates. They were feral. I caught Blue after she disappeared after 3 weeks. She eluded me for a very long time prior. I wanted her cause she was blue. She turned out to have a nest literally 15 steps from my house. The eggs were all duds. She also has one bum leg that I never noticed before. But she still walks on it with a little hobble. she is also very bald too but she holds her own in the flock. Silver and Lemue are night and day in color. But she did have 2 different Roos running with her flock. Mini Man was my exchange for Dub. He also looked a little like Taiknetu in mini form minus the patterning.
Quail (OEG)
The sister/flock mate of Blue and Porciline. She fostered only once and she didn't last long as a mama she rejected the peeps too early for me to be prepared. But i will breed her soon. She is just a little skittish.

Mantre (Leghorn o+/O.E.G. Banty o->/A.G.F. o->)---> Daughters: Specks (+ AGF Red shoulder type), & Buffy (+ Red Cochin Banty)--> Grand Daughters via Buffy: Baffet (+ AGF), & Gypsy (+AGF)--> Grand Sons via Buffy: Tiger (+EE/Black Sex-Linked)
Mantre is the last of her sisters to survive predators, weather, & stew pot. Her grandmother was a Legalia (Utility Leghorn) a rescue hen. Her grandfather was a Manini (OEG Banty, White w/Red shoulder). I trained him to mount her to aquire her only hen, out of a clutch, Minialia, Mantre's mother. Then I bred Minialia to "Left eye" a red male. That is how I got Mantre. Then her first daughter Specks to a feral male who was agressive, Termoil (AGF Red Shoulder type). I had to remove him. Buffy was aquired by mating to Beating blood. Then another male Unkey (AGF + Sumatra maybe) was put in a pen with Buffy and her brood mates. He fathered Mantre's Granddaughters Gypsy and Buffet. I think Unkey may have had some Sumatra in his genes due to Gypsy's skin color. But I also took Buffy to mate with T.J. (EE/Black Sex-Linked) who is Tiger's Dad. Legalia and Manini are no longer with me but they were great parents.

~Other Hens with no cheeps yet~
Hika-Strika (AGF Self Grey Type)
The interesting story behind this hen will make you laugh. I was at the Beach and I came back to my car and there was this chicken trying to jump into the window. She was not too scared of me. So I tried to catch her. But she would go under the car. So I opened the door to the car and BAM I got me a chicken from the beach. I had this happen in Kauai a couple years after that with another hen but I let her go. Hika-Strika became top dog when i finally introduced her to my flock about a month later. She is a very, very dominant hen. She will peck at any bird that is in pecking distance for no good reason.
Brassie (AGF)
She is a shy and mean when she wants to be but mostly submissive. she hangs out with the upper hens and moves quick. I caught sight of her around my cage on a daily and thought that she was just mocking me to see if I would catch her. So I challenged myself and I got her a week after. She also was a low ranking hen until I added more feral gals.
Bluena (AGF)
This was one of the, "Oh, another feral hen. Wait a minuate......No it's (Bleep'n) Blue chicken!" I never had one before and always wanted one. So I made it my mission to gett her. She was running around with Neuha some other gals I caught over time. But all my mostly Blue birds took more than a month to get caught. But I told myself I would get this bird. I used food, a rabbit cage, and a galvanized roofing to catch this bird.
Lacie (GLC)
She is the only surviver from her group of three a friend gave me. She was placed with Cocola and Cookoo when they were almost feathered out. I noticed that she had a major imperfection. I wonder if that is why they gave her away? I want to breed her to Black Beard, B.J. and R.C. come summer time when I have time.
Blackie (OEG)
Yes, it's a dogs name. It just came to be that way. She is feral and the day I first saw her, I caught her. She is another top dog bird too. She likes to try and get out of the coop but I know she isn't that tame to be trusted, yet. But she will breed soon.
Baldie (AGF)
This poor bird was caught in Tinys' run location, eating his food. She ran behind the run fencing and buckets where I caught her. Simple as that and she looks bald too.
Dub (AGF)
I exchanged her for Mini Man. The owner said she was like that before she got her from someone who raised AGF. Her name was named cause the features she had. But she is super tame. They had a name for her but I forget what she was called.
Brooda (AFG)
Again her name discribed her. She always seems to get broody after a short time of laying. Her sister Brownie and her were caught toether at the same time. They were pullets at the time.
Brownie (AGF)
This is Brooda's little sister. They were caught at the same time. She is also broody but lays more than the sister before she does.
Lustrie (AGF)
She very eliptical in her feathers. One molt she has lacing in her pattern and another she has no lacing. Her sister Mustrie were running with their brothers when i saw them. I had 5 to catch but I only managed to get the 2 pullets when I did. School kids were only catching the roos in the next yard. They got the remaining three and they were boys.
Mustrie (AGF)
Lustrie's little sister. She looks like she has mustard on her neck. She also got away a couple months after I caught her. But 2 days later I caught the stinker in the same location.
Creamie (AGF)
I caught her from my Gram's house with 2 sisters. But her other sister died due to an egg rupture in her ovaduct. She looked exactly like her. It was hard to tell them apart at times. Then she lost her back toe nail, then it was easy to tell who was who. Her other sister is Shemie.
Shemie (AGF)
She is the weaker one of the two gals. She has the same pattern as her but you can see the difference. Creamie and Shemie have other siblings and their Mother @ my Gram's House. Gram uses them for eggs like I do.
Pincha (AGF)
She is the top dog among her sisters. But she is also broody too. Always in and out of broodiness. But her and her sisters almost look green like Sushi. They were super wild and now they are like lovie-dovies.
Pinta (AGF)
Pinta is the next in line of the sisters. She lays a nice size egg even bigger than Pincha. But she likes to bolt out of the door every time I open it.
Pinia (AGF)
Finally, the youngest of the three gals. But the prettiest and the smallest. Pinia is like Lustrie, she had her sisters pattern one molt. Then, she has spangling of white in her pattern the next. She will definately breed with R.C. later.
I have a new hen brown-black EE and or Ameracuna w/full beard, Penelope. She was on a nest of 14 eggs. I just got her and eggs 03/15/2009. My co-worker asked me to take her. I did and a handful of eggs look like they are hatchable. She has a dark face she could be cross w/ Sumatra?? My co-lworker said that the flock male looks like her with more red features. I will to see this flock when they have time. :)

*Here are some answers to Parental types/crossing I have done.*
****Okay a wow/wonder, as you look and read this??? How do I know who and what was bred to whom? I am hands-on with my birds, so I practice something similar to artifical insemination. First, I will show a roo to a group of hens and see if they will crouch for him. Then, I will bring out the hen that is submissive to him and let them mate. I would do this for a 3 weeks to a month, on a daily. If not put a Roo with the flock, if I know it will not be possible in the season. Next, document the matings to whom and collect eggs to store. Mark and mix the eggs from different houses and set under any Broody Hen in my cages. I had 2 clutches at a time and when they piped, I would just transfer to the hen I wanted to brood them. For gals that were too small, I would allow the Roo to treading on my hand so the hen would be a little protected from his weight, especially if it is large fowl on bantys. But other than that it was all natural.
****If I had more than one male it would go by traits in father/mother lineage. Example, I have three roos in a cage that are rookery brothers. My Red Cochin cross, Black sexlinked, and Ameracuna. They were placed with white/cream laying Hens. One will always be dominant over the others. Red Cochin cross then Ameracuna and finally Black Sex-linked. Majority of the hens will father the top dogs kids. If the trait of beardedness was apparent and clean legged more than likely it was the Second male. And finally Black or Barred chicks than the Sex-Linked male was the father. If not I would personally suppervise the mating of the Chooks. Take desired hen and take roo out of cage and have him mount her. Document and mark when egg is laid. Vent checking to see if there is an egg in the ovaduct helps in this process. Higher chance of egg being fathered by desired male. Sounds odd, but it is true I had a roo with a bunch of hens and would take a hen out to breed with another and low and behold the traits came through!!

~My Four-legged Scratchers~
Cali & Sketcher

These are my sister brother duo. They are fixed.
Cali is a sweetie!!! She is such the lap cat and small compared to her brother. She will eskimo kiss and roll around on your lap. She can be very mischievous too. Sketcher is just a tubby but is a rambunctious one at that. He is a snoot at times but loves being scratched under the chin, when on your lap. They will both follow me around the coops and even chase chickens if I do not watch them. But if there are babies they keep their distance.
~My Water Breathers~
Fancy Guppies
(musquito eaters)
I have different types and they are feed any musquito larvae that are around from stagnant water after a week of rain.
Oscie (Albino Oscar)
Oscie is a boy, I think. But he gets the occasional throw back guppy with no color on it. He gets worms and even roaches!!
If you all got any question about my birds I can explain to you via Email: [email protected]
Mahalo for stop'n in!!!