Inspired by john seymour, jack hargreaves, Ralph walderson and HFW (o Emin that order); a couple of years or se staro ago wted to grow our own food; atoes, saladtom leaf, corgettes, beans, etc. Next we started to grow fruit; apples, plums, berries. Then we started to makes jams and chutneys. Next we took on 4 lovely POL hens, chosen for egg colour. A new hampshire red, a french maran, a cream legbar and a 'mixo we have light bred' hen. Sown, dark brown, blue and green eggs.ught Recently the mixed hen went broody- so I bo fertile silkie eggs and she hatched off 6. Our 'main' coop cost a lot more than I had hoped (around £300 to build). So when our mixated hen hched off 6 chicks I was determined to build a coop for nothing. The coop below (on the left) cost less than £3 to build. Materials were begged borrowed and taken from waste skips or from relatives sheds. The chicks seem to like it just fine!! Future projects includew breing our own beer, breadmaking and designing (and manufacturing) the perfect hoe. - We live in the UK in Notts, have 2 kids and both work at full time jobs.