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Coop as first built Coop with Duck area added on

On May8th 2010, thirteen adorable babies moved into our home. We were hoping to move to the coop as soon as possible but the weather outside made this impossible for the youngsters. So we got a big tub made it nice and cozy and set up camp in the garage. Then after watching our soon to be feathered friends shiver in the tub we moved it all into the spare bedroom. This is where our adventure begins.......
The Girls are now Five Weeks old and we have been so busy working on the coop and making adjustments to the living situations. We have now added a second run for the ducks with their own Duck House and pool. I never thought how big this project could become! Every day we seem to think of something else to add or change. The ducks were having too much of a hard time with the giant ramp and the chickens were looking to the ducks as the leaders of the crew, which also led to a few scuffles and feather pulling. Once we saw this happening we had the run and dog house finished in just a few days.
Weeks have passed now and many things have changed. We have removed the wall which separated the chickens from ducks and now they have one large run with the sparate bedtime stations. The ducks are back to being the ringleaders. Every morning they are up and about by 6:30am and it is straight out to free range activities until their 7pm lock-up with dinner scraps. They have re-decorated all our gardens by eating the yummy plants and trampling the ones which get in their way.


Coop as it is now.

August 2010

These are our Girls, well we had hoped they are all girls. There are a few in the mix that we are starting to think may possibly be males with one pretty much a definate. Time will tell!

Formerly known as Baby #1. Snickers is an Easter Egger. She is our trouble maker in the group and was the cause of my dislocated knee. She loves to run and hide at bedtime, on the night in question she had run under the coop and tried to bury herself in a little hole she has created there. If I didn't know any better I would think she is trying to tunnel out of the run!


Baby Picture 14 Weeks Old

Formerly known as Skittles and Baby #2. He is our other Easter Egger. He is very shy and is our lone chicken. Never staying with the group and wandering off doing his own thing. I believe he has become the low bird on the totem pole. Despite this he is quickly becoming one of the family favorites getting special treats since he is usually on his own wandering around the house by himself. I am 99.9% sure he is a he from the look of his tail feathers and the green sheen to them.

Baby Picture 14 Weeks Old

Formally known as Baby #3. Diego has become one of my personal favorites. When I bought her she was supposed to be a Barred Rock, suspicions are now leading us to believe that she is a Cuckoo Maran. When I go into the run she is right there by my side and sticks there till I have to leave. We have stuck with the name Diego as she is the explorer bird, always wandering off and seeing what trouble she can get herself into.

Baby Picture 10 Weeks Old

Formerly Baby #4. Oreo is another character, she/he too was picked out of the Barred Rock but is not. I'm thinking that Oreo is an Australorpe. I am leaning towards Oreo being a Roo since I swear there are some saddle feathers and a slight green sheen to the feathers. No matter what Oreo is a beautiful pure black bird.

Baby Picture 14 Weeks Old

The Gang
Formerly known as Babies 5, 6, 7 and 8. These girls are always together running around and getting themselves into trouble. Their favorite past time currently is running into the woods and chasing out the wild rabbits and running them off to the neighbors yard.

Mr. Roo
Formerly Baby #9. I had my suspicions early on about this guy! Boy was I right! He is HUGE already and can be really intimidating as he is really sneaky when you are sitting around with the rest of the girls. Intimidating but a big softy, he loves his girls and really worries about them when somebody wanders off.

Baby Picture 14 Weeks Old

Formerly baby #10. Tiny has only been recently named. He (we suspect) is one of two Rhode Island Reds. Tiny is the smaller of the two but is showing that smaller is not weaker! As Tiny has been growing there have not been any changes to say definate girl or boy. He has caught up in size to Bossy and they now look almost Identical.

Baby Picture 14 Weeks Old

Bossy Britches
Formerly Baby #11. Bossy is another favorite in the group. She has been outgoing and friendly since day one. Always one of the first in line for a treat and some attention.

Baby Picture 10 Weeks Old

No, you arent seeing things. It's a duck. He is our quiet one. The only time you hear him making alot of noise is when he is alerting the chickens to hawks and airplanes.

Baby Picture 14 Weeks Old

Ming Ming is a Fawn and White Runner. She (we assume) is a girl, and a loud mouth. She is also the ring leader of the entire troop. When she starts yelling at the group they had better come running or she lets them have it with another earful.

Baby Picture 10 Weeks Old


Our First Week at home
All our baby pictures are from day two at the new home. Its been a crazy first few days with the People Folk checking in on us constantly! The kids peering down at us wanting to pick us up. Once in a while one of the People Folk pick up this small hairy dog to look at us saying that the babies are not kittens. What does that mean?!? But they are good to us and give us plenty of yummy food and water, although Pikachu and MingMing and having a hard time keeping the water in the container!

Week Five:
Everyone is now five weeks along and thriving! The ducks are now living in their own quarters and seem to be doing well. They did cry when we first moved them over, but thankfully the runs are literally attatched to eachother so they can visit with their adopted family whenever they want to. Bedtime for everyone is so much smoother now! No more cornering and catching to put them to bed one by one. Walking down and saying "goodnight guys" sends everyone running for their bedtime spot.

Week Fourteen:
Everyone had been growing up so fast! No eggs for our humans yet, we are still too young but soon one of us will squawk one out. Our Humans have been well trained, the let us out early in the morning and we get to free range all day long! We get a big serving from the Chum Bucket every night before we get closed into our run, then its relax time until we all put ourselves to bed at dusk. We still hear coyotes outside at night but we stay really quiet and they leave us alone. We have our favorite spots during the day and run to greet any human we see in hopes of a quick snack. Life is Good!


When our Human's put up the bird feeder I bet they didn't plan on this!

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