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By Darkangael · Nov 16, 2013 · Updated Dec 10, 2013 · ·
  1. Darkangael
    I have ordered Creme Legbar eggs to hatch and the post office lost them... well it wasn't entirely the post office lol only confusion on all sides. So the eggs were lost for 2 days. Today I will be going to get them, or at least that is the plan. I intend to take pictures of my Lost Eggs.. and if I get anything to hatch after their adventures I will be naming them after lost things. Have a few good ideas for names. We will see.

    So today I was helping someone in a game easy the instructions are written right on the persons screen once they get the quest. So I show them how to get the quest and tell them what they need. So they ask me where are the creatures they need for the quest ..... and doesn't bother to notice that they are right in front of them. So it inspired a bit of a song.... It may eventually become a full blown song but the title will be I is smarted.

    Checked my eggs and they are incubating well its seems like they are getting darker inside so hopeful. I think I made a mistake early on with the incubator, and do not think they were turning like they should have been for first few days. I have since made sure the settings are correct so hoping it doesn't negatively effect the hatch rate. It's 44 degrees here at noon. BRRR. I think I may be catching a cold so drinking plenty of hot tea to drive it out before it really gets going.

    My eggs did not hatch so today I performed my first ever eggtopsies 3 of my eggs did not develop at all, of the other 3 one was an early quitter and was the only one with an odd color to the egg liquid kind of a grayish liquid. The other 2 one was a late quitter but seemed well developed he didn't absorb the yolk but looked like was getting into the correct position for hatch. The last egg had a very well developed chick that did not internally pip so had to have died right at the end I suspect that she drowned. I learned a bit during the attempted hatch and hope my next try goes better than this one did. The Cream Legbars have made the bucket list. I will have them.

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  1. Darkangael
    Lol Thank you Pozees. I do think that my signifigant other might be a little leery of me giving a chicken his name though =). I will certainly consider it though as it does fit hmmm maybe ill look into other names meaning traveler.
  2. Pozees
    I think if you get a boy it should be named Christopher, the patron saint of travelers :) I am not a practicing Catholic but that particular fact has always stuck with me. Can't wait to hear how they do!

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