Rare Feathers Farm
Patience * Perseverance * Perfection

Rare Feathers Farm focuses on preservation and development of rare poultry breeds.
Rare Feathers Farm is located in Okanogan, Washington. Our stock originates from the top breeders in the country--none of the lines bred here are hatchery stock.
I focus on quality and strive for perfection towards the standard in each of the breeds I raise. I show my birds. As rare, exhibition-bred poultry, they may not lay as often as other breeds.
I am not a hatchery and do not breed chickens year-round nor can I produce eggs or chicks at a whim. Please keep this in mind when ordering rare breed stock or eggs.

Dun Laced Wyandottes (unavailable)
Golden Laced Wyandottes
Spangled Russian Orloff

Large Fowl:
Black Sumatras
Rhode Island Reds Heritage-lines
Spangled Russian Orloffs

Lavender & Chocolate Muscovy Ducks
White Sebastopol Geese

Rare Feathers Farm

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