Ready for coop

Coop ready
By OkieSLW · Oct 12, 2019 · ·
  1. OkieSLW
    I am a green horn when it comes to chickens. In do know that they have to have most of their feathers before leaving the brooder. When can you tell that they are ready, and what some good tips on coop training?

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  1. OkieSLW
  2. OkieSLW
    I just wanted to let everyone that gave me all the positive feed back know. That my flock is doing great! They are 100% adjusted and are loving the space!
  3. OkieSLW
    While I have been taking them outside and letting them explore the yard ( with my supervison). I have successfully weined them off the heat lamp. Tomorrow I am going to move them into the coop outside. I think I am seriously over thinking it. But luck favors the prepared. Their coop is better then my first apartment .
  4. ChickNanny13
    This should be moved to the Forum Section, you'll get responses there. Alot depends on your climate, coop and age of your chicks/chickens. Pictures would help. I raise mine in the house for about a week or two for observations, then they go out to the brooder in the patio along with their MHP (heat source). When they're about 9wks they go into the Chicken House. I live in Hawaii so the weathers "mild".

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