We live in Wasilla, Alaska, and are starting up a micro- ranch (farm, smallholding, whatever). We currently raise rabbits, goats and chickens, and this year I'm going to try my hand at gardening. So far my chickens are my favorite thing to watch, but of course. My friend Rebecca calls it chicken TV.
My husband is learning how to put his Jack of all Trades skills to good use, and the ranch keeps him busy, thinking and occupied alot. It makes for a happy husband and home, which was one of our goals when we decided to try a hand at self sufficiency.
I am computer retarded, but I'll do my best to keep this page updated.
We're working on rare, hard to find heritage breeds, and here's a few of the different kinds of chickens we looking forward to in the future. Once we have these breeds, we will offer hatching eggs!
Blue Salmon/ Blue/Black/Splash/ White Faverolles ( We now have one rooster and two hens! Thank you Melissa!)
Partridge/ White Chantecler (I just got white Chantecler eggs!! In the 'bator!! Eep! Thanks so much Susan!)
Rhode Island White
Blue/ Black/ Splash Marans (French)
Buckeye (We've got some babies that look really promising! Thanks Dave!)
Brahma (I currently have three light brahma hens and one light brahma roo, who won second place at our state fair! Thanks, Tori!)
Blue/ Black/ Splash Ameraucana (We have a very promising black rooster, he just won 1st place at our state fair. We also have a pretty blue roo who won second against our black. Our hens are Blue and splash! Thanks Lisa and Gary!)
Coronation Sussex
New Hampshire Red
Blue/ Black/ Splash/ Partridge Cochin (We have a splash that won't stop going broody, need to breed her and let her go broody on her own eggs!)
I've got some mutts, too, whom I enjoy... They are egg laying MACHINES! They are Golden Comet hens. I also have a roo from Tori who is what she calls a Delawaraucana, he's great, thanks Tori! Oh, almost forgot my hubby's chickens, he's got some EE's (He'll only eat the green eggs, LOL!) one of which we're borrowing from Rebecca. We got green eggs in the 'bator from Tori and some of my own, too. Thanks for visiting!
Realm of the Woods Ranch