My husband!
I decided that I was going to make a journal of the wonderful things that my husband does so that I can refer back to them when I am not feeling so loving.
July 2, 2008- A few days ago I was driving to church and I saw a turtle working its way to the street heading to cross.. I turned the car around and was either going to help the turtle cross safely or shoo it back the other direction. As it turns out I shooed it back the other way. I then got back into my car and made my way to the church calling my husband and filling him with all the details of what the turtle looked like and did. The next week as I was heading to church again I saw the remains of a very large turtle that had been hit in the middle of the road. My heart sank. I met up with my husband, we had two different meetings at two different times therefore taking two vehicles, and as we were walking into service he said to me with a solom voice, "Did you see the turtle" I said yes. He knew and remembered my story about how I saved that turtle the previous week. He has such a kind heart towards wildlife. This night I prayed for God to give me a heart for my husband.
July 19, 2008- We had a garage sale this morning and it was the day after Craig getting an injection into his spine for pain from the car accident. He was able to rest the whole day prior but we had already made plans to have this garage sale. I got up earlier than he did and used the wheelbarrow to move 7 big totes from the shead to the front drive. He helped me organize where to put things and sat in a chair and went through a ton of movies and smaller items for a sell and keep piles. My husband is good with people, better than I am and sometimes that bugs me because I always considered myself a social person, but he would sit in his chair and when people would stop by he would greet them and talk to them, and sell stuff. When it got hot we would take turns stepping into the air conditioned house. We made some money and got everything all packed up. That evening our friend asked us to go to this pizza buffet that had Kareoke. We went just to relax and not have to cook from our busy day. We ended up having a great time. I got up to sing a song and he ended up getting up with me to sing with me. (he can NOT sing, at all nada nothing, very bad) He actually sounded good. I couldnt believe it. We sang Fishing in the Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. It was nice.
July 25, 2008- My husband and I went fishing yesterday and caught nothing! But he was telling everyone that we caught fun. We had a good time just playing on the beach with our son Dillon. We really didnt even care about catching fish we would just put the poles in the water and something would eat off the bait and then they would continue to just sit in the water not to catch a thing. But we were having fun and that was the point, and my husband got that. When we were getting back into the car all sandy I said, "we are all dirty and there is going to be soo much sand in your car,"
August 8, 2008 (barely 12:08 am)- We were laying in bed and trying to sleep and there was this tree frog that was right outside our bedroom making tons of noise. We both tried sleeping for about 2 and a half hours to no avil. "I" finally got up and said "Ok, I guess I will go get the frog" slipped on some bottoms to go with my night shirt a little upset that I was getting this stupid thing. And went out to catch the frog. Looking by the pond I saw nothing then the little bugger croaked again.. ahh he was in the tree... shining the light I saw him nestled in the crook of a branch. I psyched my self up to get this frog and not let go (because a squishey frog was not as scarey as not sleeping the rest of the night). I caught the frog and put him in a cooler to keep him till morning when we would become breakfast for the ladies. Came back inside crawled back into bed, and informed my husband I caught him. Here is how the conversation went. me: " I caught HIM, and I know it was a him because HE was calling the girls" DH: "I should have had a talk with him" me: "huh" DH: "I would have let him know that he was literally barking up the wrong tree" I could not stop laughing in the middle of the night. This was one of those times I tell him that he was irresitibly cute.
October 6, 2008-We had a chicken wake us up this morning to one loud Bawk then 4 quick softer but still louder than the rest bawks then repeated this for about 5 min.. I even went out there to see if there was something in the pen.. nothing after returning and telling my husband that there was nothing and she is just being goofy.. he said.. "maybe she is eggstapated" my husband is as goofy as that chicken.