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Record Of Swaps Ive Made

  1. GracefulBantams
    9-23 rq Coop Scoop Boogie - 6+ BCM, feathered shanks (I got 12 eggs!)
    9-24 rq corancher - 6+BBS Orpington hatching eggs which will likely have some eggs from American & English pens (which ever are laying) to ship next week (I got 8 eggs)
    9-28 BHep - I have 9 Serama eggs that can ship today... collected 9/23-9/27.
    9-26 rq enThymes (Tricia) - 6 Serama eggs (I got 8 eggs)
    10-6 rq Coop Scoop Boogie - 6 mn GFM
    10-11 BlackBrookPoultry - "twelve dollars into your paypal account"
    10-14 emmalynn - 6+ eggs- could be pure welsummer or silkie. also in the pens: barred rocks, ameraucanas, EEs, toppy games--- will be whatever is laid-- also have silver sebrights and LF cochins in the mix (9-22 rq) (I got 13 eggs!)
    10-22 emmalynn - Roo set AND Hen set- each set contains a magentic grocery list pad, set of note cards and envelopes, coupon holder and a pack of recipe cards. (10-18 rq)
    10-28 coldupnorth - 6 mos GFM (10-27 rq)
    10-29 202roosterlane - coin holders (10-27 rq)
    11-18rq Stuck in the Coop - Books on Tape Bundle (all 5 count as one selection) and two cookbooks in very good shape
    11-25rq sonew123 - $10 in paypal

    9-27 All-American-Chick - Baldwin's Breed Book (9-22 rq)
    9-27 reesepoultry -
    stickers for egg shippers (9-25 rq)
    9-28 HenThymes - new socks, 2 with cows and 1 with chickens (9-27 rq)
    10-1 corancher - new Rooster hat for a cat (9-28 rq)
    10-4 ruthless - Poultry in the Pulpit book (9-23 rq, but delayed due to a side swap)
    10-14 202roosterlane - Rise and Shine print (10-7 rq)
    10-14 Yoda - New green 2Xl "I Dig Chicks" shirt (10-11 rq)
    10-21 hannakat - Rise and Shine print 2 (10-18 rq)
    10-27rq KYTinpusher - child's chicks t-shirt "I Dig Chicks" size M
    10-28rq plantoneonme - scrapbooking supplies
    11-23 HenThymes - "Armadillo Rodeo" and "Junie B. Jones has a Peep in Her Pocket" (11-20 rq)
    11-30 All-American-Chick - "Raising Better Rabbits & Cavies" like new (11-28 rq)

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