A simple, 15 minute project to make two things I've been needing.

I had a feed scoop cut down from a milk jug, but it was flimsy and wobbly, resulting in spilled feed if I filled it too full and extra trips back and forth to the feeder if I didn't.


When I emptied a jug of white vinegar I realized that the much thicker plastic would make a sturdier scoop, so I took a razor knife and cut the bottom out of it:




Much better!

Then I took an orange juice bottle, chosen because it had a deep indent just below were the neck narrowed, and made a calcium feeder:


Again the razor knife, cutting out an appropriately-sized window and a length of picture wire secured around that indent:



Secure the wire to some convenient hardware on the coop:


Chipotle, my fearless California White, approves. I was thinking of her big comb when I decided to make the opening as large as I did.



Now all I need is a 2 or 3 gallon container with a wide, easy lid and a sturdy handle to make a new nipple waterer to replace my 1 gallon container that doesn't have a handle.