1. Recycled Bottle Feed Scoop and Calcium Feeder

    Recycled Bottle Feed Scoop and Calcium Feeder

    A simple, 15 minute project to make two things I've been needing. I had a feed scoop cut down from a milk jug, but it was flimsy and wobbly, resulting in spilled feed if I filled it too full and extra trips back and forth to the feeder if I didn't. When I emptied a jug of white vinegar I...
  2. Recycled and Reclaimed

    Recycled and Reclaimed

    July 13, 2014: All finished!!! I attached chicken wire to the triangles in the enclosure roof and worked on the feeding station (to the right of the coop in the first pic). You can get to the food and water from the front without having to open a door; the chicken wire goes around behind the top...
  3. upcycled chicken coop

    upcycled chicken coop

    We wanted to make a coop without having to spend any money... we ended up spending a little, but everything we got was from habitat for humanity so it was pretty cheap and I think it turned out well. I already had a fenced in area that we used to use for fostering puppies so we just built this...
  4. Pallet Chicken Coop - Free...just some sweat and nails.

    Pallet Chicken Coop - Free...just some sweat and nails.

    I created this pallet coop for my dad. He is raising 11 hens now. Just traveled around town and collected pallets one day. Created a box, cut them down and whala! To make this coop we user over 20 pallets.
  5. High Country Hen House

    High Country Hen House

    There was a lot of discussion about what to do with our new hen house. My dad wanted a look that was based off the huts used by stockmen in the Victorian high country. He is a carpenter by trade and wanted to use the hen house as a chance to experiment with techniques he wants to use building...
  6. Summer Digs ~  Tractor-Coop Using 100% Reclaimed Materials

    Summer Digs ~ Tractor-Coop Using 100% Reclaimed Materials

    My first try at building a portable chicken coop and run turned out NOT to be "portable" without a trailer, winch and lots of help, lol. (see "One Woman, One Saw, One Week")...and I cannot let my hens out to free-range as I would like to because my (very near) neighbor works for a local chicken...
  7. The Vintage Nest

    The Vintage Nest

    I took someones trash and I turned it into my idea of a dream coop. It had to be a darling little house to look at from my kitchen window and it had to be equally as charming on the inside. It was on old old goat shed that sat out in a field in Oskaloosa Ks. It had seen better days. But...
  8. Crossroads Ranch Chicken Coop & Run Design

    Crossroads Ranch Chicken Coop & Run Design

    I dismantled and re-purposed a dilapidated garden shed into a chicken coop & run. I used new metal roofing panels to match the look and lines of the existing adjacent horse barn & stable. Thanks to the Backyard Chicken Community for many great design ideas!
  9. Aberdeen NC, Elementary Hoop Coop

    Aberdeen NC, Elementary Hoop Coop

    Last year, as part of a science project, my partner’s third grade class hatched a dozen eggs donated to the school from a local breeder. After seeing the little babies come out of the eggs, the children fell in love with their chicks and decided they wanted to keep them until adulthood. To...
  10. Little Red Coop

    Little Red Coop

    Little Red Coop (On a Farm Down in Indiana) ...Okay, so "little" might be a bit outdated now... With a 26x8 footprint, plus 6x8 foot wing on the side, this coop is FAR from little anymore! For years, my birds lived in a tiny, 4x8x4 foot tall coop that was as miserable for us to work with as...
  11. Riggs Pallet Coop

    Riggs Pallet Coop

    Riggs Pallet Coop! This is our finished coop!!!! We have the barn, and right next to the barn, is our pig pen and right next to that is the chicken coop.. Read on to see how it all came together... After a bunch of research on BYC and getting great ideas, we started...
  12. The Chickens Coop Mansion On A Budget

    The Chickens Coop Mansion On A Budget

    My budget for my chicken coop had to be the smallest possible. EVERYTHING in the end including the cost of food, chicks, coop, run ended up being around $300. And this thing is *QUITE* big. We have an 18" gap between the coop and the ground and the chickens like it- its their "Cave". The...
  13. Coop From Recycled Items

    Coop From Recycled Items

    Not quite finished but here it is: We first bought chickens 3 years ago from TSC. I looked for coop designs and came up with a nice one that worked great for us and our 5 new chicks. Well, as you know, you can't stop once you I decided to add some Silkies and we added an...
  14. Pallet Coop In Progress

    Pallet Coop In Progress

    We're working on a coop - not ready for chickens, obviously, but in process. We've tried to use the advice we've gotten from here and there, which has been an interesting process since the one thing most of the people we've talked to agree on is that they don't agree! Here is what we have so...
  15. Recycled Fence Coop

    Recycled Fence Coop

    The mostly finished coop and run. I initially made all kinds of plans and drawings of how I wanted to build this coop and as it turns out I didn't follow any of them. I took a lot of advice from this website. I let the yard decide how big to build it. It had to fit between various trees...
  16. Shippiing Crate Coop

    Shippiing Crate Coop

    Describe 'Shipping Crate Coop' here Two shipping crates from crqigs list
  17. BairleaFarm

    The Coops

    The Coops: Ive had a coop in the back of my shop for along time. Back when I first decided to get chickens I needed a place to put them. Taking 8' from my shop was the best idea I had at the time. Ive now decided to do some breeding. I have made a couple mobile coops. I didnt want to build...
  18. Coopandrun


    I started out with not much of a plan, just some scribbles on paper that i did while i was at work. I wanted to make it as simple as i could and the actual coop had to be 6x8 to fit the roof that i was salvaging from an cattle/horse feeder... i also used old fence boards for the framing, only...
  19. Salex46 Coop

    Salex46 Coop

    I thought I would show eveyone my coop. It took a while to build. We used 2 palettes for the base one 8x4 and one 4x4. I used left over logs to attach the corners, then covered it with wood from other palettes. The building is roughly framed with 2x4's my husband couldn't wait for more palettes...
  20. The Chicken Coo

    The Chicken Coo

    The Chicken Coop Chicken Coop Day 1.....All materials were leftovers from other jobs and given to us. We only had to buy a couple of 2x4's for like $20 so far. It's 6ft x 8ft and the walls are 6ft tall. The end of Day 1....Hubby worked very hard today! He's quite a guy! (He'd rather be...
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