The Coops:
Ive had a coop in the back of my shop for along time. Back when I first decided to get chickens I needed a place to put them. Taking 8' from my shop was the best idea I had at the time. Ive now decided to do some breeding. I have made a couple mobile coops. I didnt want to build anything over the top as these coops are for a tempary use. I havend decided how Im going to build my breeding coops/pens. The first coop is made from a childrens play house. This will be used to house the Polish. The run is about 8'x4' I cant put to many birds in here but I think it will hold the 5 I have until spring. The 2nd coop will be used to house the wyandottes. It was made from reclaimed bead board. Its nicer than the Polish coop and has nest boxes on both sides. Since these pictures I have added doors, lids, and wire where needed.