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Redcap Farms Member Page

By Redcap Farm · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Redcap Farm

    This is a breed of English origin. The male should be of good size; have a large rose-comb; flowing hackle; a straight back of medium length; large, well-expanded tail and the full, well-rounded breast which is characteristic of this breed. The female should have a good-sized frame and an even, well-balanced rose comb; a prominent, well-rounded breast; long, well-shaped back, and deep, long body. The tail should be of good size and well-expanded, giving the specimen a well-balanced appearance.
    The information above is out of the 1924 edition Standard of Perfection

    Pictures of my Redcaps here at Redcap Farm
    My Redcap chicks at 1 day old.

    My Redcap chicks at 4 days old


    My Redcap chicks at 1 week old

    My Redcap chick at 2 weeks old

    My Redcaps at 3 weeks old

    My Redcaps at 4 weeks old

    My Redcaps at 2 months old

    My Redcaps at 4 months old

    My Redcaps at 4 1/2 months old

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