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It has taken me a little while to figure out the image add tool, but I think Ihave it whipped now.

Witness how a chicken addict goes from thinking "free eggs would be nice" to Woah ! Look what I've done now !


I brought these RIR + 1 right before thanksgiving 2009 traded two, for two Buff orphington hens.

Brought these BR +1 right before thanksgiving 2009, still have every one of them.
Made them this nifty little house and run the end of november 2009

Brought 6 more chickens around the turn of 2010
Lost 3 and the Dog ate anotherwe ate 1

built an Incubator early in February....
Plans WERE to hatch a few once my others start producing and the roo catches up...but I couldn't wait, tried hatching out EE eggs without much luck, Then tried my hands at Turkey eggs. Two of those hatched, both are gone now.
Have since hatched out 7 chicks under broody Buff O chicken, 4 of those remain. 2 of which are roosters. Dog ate 3.
One Neighbor gave me 2 chickens which both died. Another neighbor gave me 3 I still have all of those.
Brought 12 chickens from TSC in April, dog ate 11 of them.
Brought 13 more plus a duck from TSC in May, All the chickens have turned out to be pulletts :)
Rescued a Black orphington Hen.
So today November 15 2010 I have...3 BR hens, 1 Buff O hen, 1 RIR hen, 1 Dom hen, 1 redmix hen, 2 white hens, 6 Comet hens, 1 Black O hen, 3 roosters, 3 unknowns.
They all live in "Chickenville" and free range daily.