Big Red & Rooroo's Flock

Well let's see where to begin....

We started with two leghorn chicks in June 2009, and got attached quick! Before we knew it we were back at the feed store for two more! Within three months we had 6 little leghorn hens running around! So it's been close to a year now, and we have since had to move to the country to support our flock! We are absolutely nutts about each and every one of them!

I've read a lot that leghorns aren't much for human contact, well ours are warped! They love to come right up into the house with us! Our hens are awesome layers, and super friendly as you can see by our pics. They don't mind our little dogs, and will come right to us when called. They love to go on scavenger hunts too! We walk and flip over rocks, & twigs. When they hear the call they ALL come a running! Now we have 20 hens, & 4 roosters. Some day when we have more room we will have more girls. We did have over 40 hens a few months ago, but things happen. =(

Little Nemo sleeping! She does this EVERY day! RIP

So much for just two or three chicks, LOL
Our flock waiting to be let in!

This is Big Red! We call her that because she is the oldest, and believes she is the rooster! Here she is demanding some attention!

Feather foot at 5 months old
Feather again a few days before he started crowing!
Our beautiful Rooroo at 6 months

Another one of our leghorn girls
Some more of our girls, and no that's not a lake back there it's the sky! =) We live in the desert believe it or not.

Our baby turkeys
Our baby turkey at 8 weeks
after the dog decided to eat the other one.

This is Rees! This was taken
after he lost some weight but while still waiting for his feathers to start growing back.
Meet Witch Doctor! DW for short (doc witch)
Front is Iory, middle is Lotus, back is Rocky!
Iory at 8 weeks RIP
They all love dad he brings home treats EVERY DAY!
Tonto & Pocahontas RIP tonto
Tonto & Pocahontas babies! YEAH for them!
These are our 3 crested babies, at 6 weeks old, & DD our one rouen at 8 weeks!
Again all grown up

Meet Larry, Curly, & Mo! they too come from a rescue!

This is our coop set up for everyone! Now the ducks are only penned when sleeping, same with the chickens, geese, & two of the turkeys.

JR's & Reds Flock of 5 leghorns, 1 polish, 1 silky, 8 RIR, 4 orpingtons, 6 EE, 2 BR, 3 polish leghorn mixes, 4 turkeys, 3 crested ducks, 2 rouens and 10 runners!,3 geese, 10 leghorn eggs in the incy,2 dogs, 5 kids, and 1 AWESOME HUSBAND! Oh I know I left out some! :woot AND STILL GROWING!