Thanks for visiting my chicken page!
These are my very first chicks ever: T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli a.k.a. TLC

Chilli (hatched 4/27/11) is the Ameraucana on the left , T-Boz (hatched 5/2/11) is the Buff Orpington up front and Left Eye (hatched 4/27/11) is the Speckled Sussex in the back.

They spent their first week in a rubbermaid tub brooder in my enclosed porch. They have my grandpa's vintage glass waterer, their round feeder and a practice roost. Oh, and don't think I forgot about TLC's sexy hit song while keeping them toasty warm...a nice Red Light (Special).
They are eating DeYoung's medicated starter and I give them grass, weeds and little critters (so far, they LOVE little centipedes and worms).
Since they've grown a bit and have a good time running aimlessly while flapping their wings, I had my dad help me build an expanded hobo chicky brooder. It is extra hobo-esque because it is made from several cardboard boxes and lined with 2 metalic plastic dogfood bags that are duct taped together. The entire liner is masking-taped to the walls a few inches from the floor so the cardboard won't ever come in contact with spilled water or any poo. The dimensions are 2' wide by 4.5' long by 18" tall. The top is cardboard on one side (near the heat lamp) and 2/3 covered with some window screens. I also made them a new roost, instead of just a stick. I found a cedar branch that has a nice arc to it, then drilled and screwed on some feet across the bottom - one on each side. The feet are made from a 5" piece of cedar that is split in half length-wise, with the flat side down. I'm surprised at my handy-work because of how sturdy it turned out. I'm not the best with power tools.

Also, I scored some free scrap wood from a friendly neighbor, so we'll soon be building them a predator-proof coop with run as economically as possible (as well as paint the house, replace the roof, get married, etc etc).

I'm excited to be part of this awesome chickeny community! So far in my travels (of selecting my babies and stuff to get them started up), I've encountered only the nicest of people and it seems like the online sentiment is nice, too.